Wednesday 22 February 2012


For many people the word failure sends a shudder down their spine, it brings a cold and embarrassing chill to what they have to say. Yet failure is a natural part of life, it's a part that makes us strong, resilient and above all successful too. Every day scientists and researchers fail in trying to find a solution or a cure, eventually they find an answer that works. The telephone, light bulb, penicillin, cancer drugs, the aero engine, even none stick frying pans all emanated after years of constant failure. So why are so many fickle people so frightened of the word or judge others who try and fail yet they themselves sit smugly doing nothing so not to fail?  Why is it that the "gatekeepers" (who are the real failures) the secretaries / HR / the employment agencies so fearful and reticent about it all that their own insecurities and sheer ignorance holds up the free flow of real talent that's out there and allows mediocre people to get jobs that produce mediocre results. The dearth of lowly intelligent management who whilst may be acceptable at what they do have no foresight and are far too fearful of employing anyone who would shake their own position.

Applying vision to someone who hasn't any is always a problem and even successful organisations are staffed by those who again may effectively do what they have to do well but in the process stifle what could have been or might have been far better had creativity been allowed to enter into the scenario. Short sightedness, tempered outlooks, lack of real vision, fearful of breaking the mould, employing the "if it's not broken don't fix it" mentality, all of which is totally wrong. Staid, dull, monolithic structures, bureaucracy which is always run by dull people, and so it goes on. Many major companies pride themselves on units or adjuncts where they employ people who supposedly "think out of the box" and some are brilliant yet the majority are just mildly creative which flatters those that take them on and falls short of what real "out there thinking" contains. Real "out of the box" thinking often comes in packages that most couldn't recognise if it was stamped  "out of the box thinking" on the outside of it.

Learning is a series of failures for if everything went correctly when something goes wrong we wouldn't have a clue as to what to do or indeed do not act efficiently in rectifying it all. Even in accidents we find out why the cause happened and take steps to help identify and reduce the situation happening again. Those that never try because they are frightened of failing are dull and produce nothing of value, our skills and mind sets help others not go down the same pathways and if we keep failure to ourselves and not share the experiences then it says a lot about us and what insular and mean people we are. Granted there are times when failure can be more than embarrassing, it can cause loss of life, mayhem, turmoil, etc, but that is literally a part of life and something we must face up to and not shy away from, nor listen to the throng of people on the side-lines casting aspersions and shouting, for such people are the fodder of real failure and are of worthless content trying to make themselves feel important whereas they are of no consequence in life at all.

Those that have had a whole heap of dead ends, things that have not gone well or worked out, things that have met with high resistance, things that others cannot get to grips with and things that have on the outside seemingly failed are always those that in the end do well. They overcome the dull and pathetic and pseudo intellectuals who have no creativity just the ability to churn over in their mind potentials and possibilities yet it never really works out. Interesting people, people who can laugh, enjoy life, people who are stable are those who have endured, entertained difference, pressed on ahead in dark corridors, gone ahead where others have dithered, had a go, put their heart and soul into it all and just dared to be themselves and not be influenced or clouded by the mass dullness of everyone else. If you can't entertain failure you can't entertain life.

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