Friday, 24 February 2012


Love is an intrinsic part of us as individuals, even for the bad guys it's still a part of them too. It's also true all over the globe including the modern day despots and ever growing religious fanatics who seem to have more of a mental condition than anything else. Love is what makes life bearable and what has sustained mankind throughout time. Man has looked after himself and has grown to where he is today even though there are still primitive tribes thriving in both African, South American and Far Eastern forests. On the whole people like doing things for other people, helping them if lost, caring for them in specialised units, in fact for many helping is a vocation, unlike the finance industry which is heartless and cold. Of course there are exceptions there are those whose mental stance on life has overruled love for the self, gain at all cost, burglary, muggings, sexual offences, greed, selfishness, isolation of humanity and living without thought for others, and so it goes on, and other than mental conditions it's all self contrived. Unsocial behaviour is seen daily in all walks of life including public transport, shopping malls and even on Facebook and other social media sites. It's an act of the self over and above others brought about by unhappiness - and unhappiness manifests itself via many forms.
Life affects everyone differently and we go through various stages as time goes by, we encounter problems, situations, events, and our perception of it based upon how we are faring and feeling at any one time. It's good to be loved, it's good to be wanted, to be needed, it's good to love and it's good to care for others that significantly mean something to you other than your partner, such as best friends and very close people who resonate well deep inside of you. Without any of these feelings one is almost alone, and indeed it's often how loneliness is caused by the self, rather than by circumstances. In order to love one has to give, if you can't give you can't receive as it's the same conduit, so if you block it up with self created thoughts then you will by default alienate yourself from love. You'll see and know it's there but you won't be able to either access it or to allow it to touch you and give you that warm feeling which keeps that void deep within at arms length.

There are those who are desperate for love and those that almost have a vocation spending time on "Love and Dating Sites" much of which results in zilch and verges on correspondence between the deceitful and and the fanciful, all matching false identities and building hopes on clouds that pass and are never seen again.  The con artists, the frivolous, the game chasers, those that use the site for pure entertainment, and those who use it to pass the time way. Love is something that never runs out, so the more you give the more it's replenished and thus the more you are a contented bunny, feeling elevated rather than deflated even when life takes a slight tumble. Those that forever extol love as something special that they are saving for the "right" person are to be avoided at all costs as they harbour a high degree of self created selfishness. Love is special but it's also universal and if we adhere to television, the press and other negative outlets then we can generate a degree of paranoia which will eradicate our ability to love.

If life feels low for no real reason or that circumstances are not as they should be or you have isolated yourself and ponder endlessly about it but do nothing then it's a mind stance. It's not that you haven't love within or that love isn't evident it's more to do with accessing situations over and above your love walk, where the mind is set to identifying life bit by bit and love is an adjunct that holds little value in it all. Loneliness is where communing with others has left the individual bereft of that exchange hence many people have pets as they give unconditional love something that few humans can do. There is a definite increase in people feeling lost and almost in a vacuum of nothingness which they can't pin point or put their finger on, yet at the same time one only has to listen to just a few lines of their conversation to understand this mental stand off position. Don't allow the emotions of negativity ever to get the better of you or you will unfortunately suffer by default a degree of lowness and feel that that "Loving Feeling" has left, it hasn't it's just that you've inadvertently side stepped it.

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