Thursday, 2 February 2012


No matter where you go there are more and more incidences of suicide or people going off the rails, some do it dramatically - although not by choice, others do it quietly. The incidences of people going to re-hab is also on the up, in fact counselling services and re-hab are unfortunately a growing industry. It's never a good sign to make money out of unfortunate people except for the finance whores who have no morals or scruples within them, yet it's a service that needs to be available. And it's not all that a seasoned area of expertise as emotions reside at a very delicate level, it's almost like smoking in a firework factory, one quick spark and its all over. What is in evidence is that areas where heightened tensions are not uncommon such as in the media and finance especially at the higher end of the market are very seldom regulated and signs are very seldom spotted by others. Unless one is really at a low ebb physically which many people can be but still be OK, others are not and have a great ability to show a facade to the world that all is well, when deep down emotionally they are walking on eggshells or broken glass. The pain of mental torture by the self, i.e. it's not inflicted by outside sources, is enormous and anyone who has embarked upon this journey and the complications that arise are many and it's so very real to the individual. The scramble of the mind to seek the "Exit" or "Way Out" to mind dilemas is so intense that it clouds everything, eternally searching constantly for solutions and real peace that seems to elude them every step of the way. Even those nearest and dearest seem almost alien and smug and oblivious to the effects that one is experiencing and it's this closed environment that is self imposed that hurts the most. Where one lives within an almost invisible bubble where there are two lives concurrently working, the outside world and the inside world rarely do either meet up.

Mental health is the biggest problem the West is facing, and it's spreading to developing nations too like a virus out of control. When situational and circumstantial areas of life collide with the self those around (no matter how loving they "may" be) are totally unaware or oblivious as to what one is going through and incapable of doing anything, that's when the mental onslaught starts. The journey to mental instability and often breakdown starts from something so small and innocuous that it barely resisters on the 'life Richter scale', but it takes only a small pin to burst a big balloon and then what a bang! Our emotions make us what and who we are as a race of people living on planet earth, it's our emotions that set us aside from animals and robots, for if we didn't have emotions then we would be robots or drones just living to live. Some cultures that are religiously repressed have exceptionally high incidents of mental health over and above others, this incidence according to IM research is that there is up to an 80% chance of Muslims not being happy, which is also a root cause for mental breakdown and almost permanent instability .

When the mind loses its grip on life the fear that it produces as a self feedback is frighteningly real and scary, when one almost becomes inertial and emotionally numbed to aspects of life, but cleverly disguising it all with smiles and robotic reciprocation it goes unnoticed especially in today's selfish existence where everyone is a friend until something goes wrong. The mind conflict goes into a stasis of 'nothiness' and one tries to wrestle with ones inner feelings as to grab and pull out a meaning or feeling to make it all become clear again and wholesome, and it just doesn't happen. The resultant panic throws the mind into an even further spiral until a plateau is hit and nothing is of value anymore, the mind knows what it means yet it can't feel it, it's this anaesthesia of thought that results in the unthinkable being thought. It's only after a tragic event that the press and media and those around the deceased start to make up stories to appease themselves as if they are all of a sudden smart and shocked at the outcome, but sadly they are part of the picture even if by default.

Nothing happens in isolation, death never just happens, there is always a cause, depression never just happens their is always a cause whether it's emotionally charged or clinically charged, there is a cause. There is a cause for everything and there is always a resultant effect too, not all of which is bad. Understanding and love are two main aspects of knowing how and why and proffering real solutions, but very very few can administer either in a soluble way that is absorbed and not just passed through the system like a glass of water. Indeed many professionals are in themselves dull and miserable and seemingly vacant in their own characters even if they know their stuff.  The human life is very precious and it's only when faced with such inner conflict does one see life drain away from what one day was good to a shell of a person the next, where all ones material possessions come to nought and for those that have nothing it all remains worthless anyway. Where listening is like watching a film with lip sync problems sound and vision aren't that aligned such is the internal thought conflict of the self towards others, it's a pasty world of endless conflicts and no resolution, it's a cold miserable world, it's when the intangible is the norm and not the exception, it's when life from within actually starts to falter and like an old scratched record missing grooves and skiping tracks. And where the future is in thought way beyond comprehension and the self doesn't seem to fit in to any of it, where the now is living with panic and is becoming obsessive and those stability blocks that one used to have are just not there and even in a calm sea one drifts aimlessly with undercurrents just taking control.

There are always solutions and ways out, there is always help, and the mind can spring back into focus as if it never happened, and there is life ahead, and their is fun and enjoyment and laughter and deep love which heals the past vortex of negativity. It is there, unfortunately for many they never find it. We are all part of someone else's problem whether personal or business, what we do or know about others isn't awaiting the words "well I would never have thought" after the event, you know only too well signs if you care to think about them, they are not in code nor disguise they are there. But of course you have to live your life and as that's important what does it matter about others?

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