Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The saying 'a little learning is a dangerous thing' can be for some almost fatal. Biologically we have almost identical systems but literally how it's wired and how it performs can vary enormously. Like identical computers what we load it with is akin to what we want out of it and how we are to use it. Those that have a quest for knowledge are more aptly devised to process efficiently all the intake of information they receive. Those of a lesser state of development which happens to be the majority of people take in bouts of knowledge and don't efficiently process it, nor do they have the capacity to see the "bigger picture" and thus go off on a tangent of their own making and then wonder why life isn't what it should be or it isn't fair. The media delve into others lives, people's state of affairs, often really dull and boring stuff and it's picked up usually by dull and boring people as they have little else to do in their introverted thought processes.  None of the information having any bearing upon whoever reads it and thus is immaterial to their lives. No one is indispensable, if the Heads of State in  all Europe and the USA died over night, life would still carry on the following day, they would be history within a week as the new incumbents would be the flavour of the day and being live have more to offer than a corpse who has no further use. Respect for the dead is something that doesn't exist, it means nothing, no matter what you felt of them either personally or with regards their imprint on humanity, which few have, it's just a mind thought, admiration can live on respecting the dead is hollow.

The number one person in your life is you, it has to be you, you have to be the centre of your universe and not some alien atom floating around the nucleus of another being or life. It's not being selfish nor self centred, if you can't do something for yourself then no one else can either. Once you are "at one" with yourself then you have the perfect ability to do whatever you want and help others you deem are significant in your life. Your whole "love walk" the co-existing element in humanity thrives on you being able and secure in whom you are, for without either you dither and procrastinate and have little to offer anyone as ones existence become a trudging concept that overrules all the fun, the enjoyment, the grace, the enhancement and creativity that is out there awaiting you. The global state of mental health that Western countries are facing is all bound in others being too nosey into others lives, it's not a healthy caring scenario, it's almost of voyeuristic proportions and linked to the self, which is a self poison which doesn't rest well and produces negativity, stress, anxiety and daub. However, we have choices in what we do and say, whom we look up to and who we possibly despise like despots and the Islamic suicide bombers, who seem to be forever growing such is their religious instability.

To clear the mind of extraneous garbage one must have a self focus and subliminally have a list of importance placed upon each, not a cheap second hand thrill but a real purpose for what one deems are relevant to life for if this is not in evidence then much of the self thought is superfluous and without merit and over burdensome to what one thinks and feels about. Our attitude is paramount to how we live our lives and enjoy life, if we are overruled by negative emotions such as ego, anger, greed, pride, arrogance, etc, then whatever is ahead of us will always be second best no matter what it is. We will not see clearly because of the self created fog thus we cocoon ourselves in a diatribe of high pent up negativity and stress and badness. Where the love walk doesn't exist our minds focus on what others have negating what we can do to improve our lot. Where love meets consciousness on a higher level the resultant is all seeing and all knowing to a degree that one is more secure and easily ready to understand what was previously not understandable, it's a freeing of the mind and soul without any negative feedback nor inner acquiescing to any other state that may be circling around us. 

If we only held on to what is important, whatever that is to each and every one of us how much lighter life would be. Reciting the bad news spewed out by the television and radio does nothing to promote ourselves especially when over 95% of it is beyond our control or ability to change. Being informed is one thing, harbouring such thoughts as a means of trying to be 'smart' or up to date in conversation speaks of a low mentality and one which will suffer the penalty of negativity. Negativity in any guise forms an automatic lowness which eventually permeates every fibre of our system, it has to as if we feed ourselves garbage it has to go somewhere. Good thoughts always uplift, it's no option because goodness is by definition uplifting and where such upliftment occurs so does a calmer and more sedate and understanding mind. If you've tried being a know all stop it and reside on a need to know basis, allow what can't be changed or you have no control over to be as they are or stories about others who you will never meet or see or have any connection with float on by. They are not number one, you are.

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