Thursday 1 March 2012


So you're getting upset that something isn't going well, you get let down, the news on television is always bad,  the government seem to be living in a world of their own, your life could be so much better, things in the home need to be done, and of course the list goes on. In short it's all nothing new, it is in fact called life, life is just what it is and it's not going to change for you nor anyone else. Stuff happens, no one is immune from it, stuff creeps up upon us just when we least expect it and wham there we are with a potential problem looming large out of the blue, usually something we never thought of or even considered, but now whatever it is it's very real. No matter where we are in the world, no matter what others are facing whether it's more or less, it doesn't make us any better off nor does it makes us feel better. Our problems and how we feel are real to us only, no one else even if they sympathise or empathise with us, it's still ours lock, stock and barrel.

One thing we must all accept like it or not is that the biggest problem we are ever likely to face is ourselves, as we are often part of the problem and the solution even if what has transpired came from something outside of our control. As long as it affects us then we are a part of the solution and if we are not careful we can embroil ourselves into being part of the problem too. Depending upon the severity of the problem and the time frame in which it exists or needs to be addressed makes also a big difference as to how we cope. Stretching it out and making excuses and pondering over it only tends to exacerbate the situation and give more protracted mental grief and consternation, which has negative default consequences. Some naturally cope better than others and just get on with life, others can be the opposite and almost be "air heads" seeing life from a weird trajectory and incorporating stuff into it which is self fabricated although this is usually an expression of their own little world within and how they see life, often not that well.

Developing the habit of telling others about your problems other than your partner or friend is sheer folly as it automatically gives the problem gravitas and once that comes into play then the problem leaves its problem state and becomes an entity in which you update and enhance and do whatever you do to it making it a feat of dexterity in trying to solve it. The worst thing one can do is to involve the self into the problem, even if you are the sole owner of it, never allow your thoughts to entwine within the problem's fabric otherwise you too will be a problem within a problem and not the one who solves it then walks away back into main stream life. Feeling comfortable with the self is so important for if we don't then we are actually going to not only start arguing with ourselves but dread aspects of life both good or bad materialising and we won't feel comfortable in making any decisions whatsoever.

Problems come in all shapes and sizes and how we deal with them literally depends upon our circumstances coupled with how we feel about life ourselves and quite often our financial situation. The higher up the ratio level of positivity the better we manage our lives, the lower down the scale the enormity of the problems often take on a different mantle even if the substance remains the same. It's crucial that we never allow ourselves to fall back into an abyss of "woe is me" or feign some cheap Hollywood drama as that will most definitely set the level and trend for things to come. It's one thing to get something off your chest it's another to make a full show of it, big difference with an amazingly different result and lifestyle plus point at being happier once again.

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