Friday 23 March 2012


It seems almost de regeur today to post some bitchy remark or be super sceptical about a situation or an emotional event, it attracts people like bees to a honey pot, it attracts more bitchy and sceptical people in greater proportion than just about anything else. Each person almost racing to add their ten cents worth of personal comment to bolster what has already gone before them and with an air of personal smugness as if to say "it happened to me" - which it may well have done. But what it goes to show is that whatever happened to the person who has commented is still alive and kicking and despite their phraseology and false smiles they are a part of their own problem and want to keep it alive to see if they can get some recompense in doing so. They won't and in fact the fact that they have just commented goes to show that all is not well in their overall ideology of life nor have they gotten over past incidents (never their fault always someone else's). It's often not what we say but how we say something that outlines whom we are, if it still has twinges of acerbic thought it will very often smack of still hurting relationship problems, loneliness and life not quite the way it should be. Even if the "I've gotten over it now and I'm a better person" image is one that's put forward, plastering over cracks doesn't cure what's underneath, not that there is often anything to go over it's just a prevailing attitude.

Those that are perpetually sceptical about life and all that's in it we need to keep well away from as they are usually "emotional vampires" draining us of our energy for their own pleasure, those that are perpetually bitchy we should do likewise as that denotes someone who is untrustworthy and not quite as stable as they should be and also has a high degree of selfishness too. It doesn't denote that they are bad people and there is a vast difference between those who are naturally 'quick witted' and those that have to turn others comments and situations on their head as a statement of their own view point, which we can always do without because it's negative and negativity leads to negativity when even worse things beset and befall us. Being bitchy can be fun to listen to initially then it starts to pall as it then cross cuts through all that is good and wonderful and negates the happiness trail that everyone strives towards. The bitchy and sceptical try their best to tell you that their pathetic past is over, but reality is it still lives on, and they tell you that you have to be careful at all times and that you will find what they say will come true and all that diatribe. It's an excuse to see others hurt to make themselves feel better otherwise why would anyone suggest gloom and doom as a way of life, is there something so wrong with themselves that they actually have a degree of "hatred" within them? And who knows they could have been the instigators of their own downfall and you really don't need advice from anyone like that.

Life is a one-way stream, it goes forward, and dragging the past with you only hinders any progress which subliminally others pick up on it to feel that 'all is not that well' despite often outward signs of smiles, but it is really the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' that one sees as the vocality doesn't match the inner self. Comments on Facebook abound with 'predominantly' women voicing off past deeds which for most they would rather keep where they are in the past and enjoy the potential of both the present and hopefully better promise of the future. Reflections of ourselves manifest in ways which if we are not careful outline who we really are, and that the facade we try to put on is but that a facade of deceit which has undercurrents of a not so savoury thought process and one which is subject to constant change and fluctuation. If one feels that relationships, loneliness, life not so hot is because of circumstances then think again, it's not. We are part of life, which part is up to you. Situations and circumstances can change in an instant but we all have full control over ourselves 24/7 and our emotions. If we choose to be bitchy and sceptical as a base then don't ever expect things to change for the better, as those you seek which yet you have to find will steer a wide berth around you. If your friends aren't so good then it's because you've chosen like minded people who also reflect your self and again like you cannot be trusted 100% as selfishness will be a number one issue in their heart.

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