Monday 12 March 2012


Firstly, how honest and sincere are you, it's a rhetorical question so no answer is needed other than the one to yourself, it not only makes a big difference to your life but those around you and ultimately how you think and feel. Whatever the answer is it matters to you only as you are the only one to live your life so if you are dishonest and insincere then others will pick up on that and over time the results will show for themselves. Our stance in life encompasses many different areas, some religious, some cultural, some endemic, and some situational, some educational and many emotional aspects plus a dearth of other minor areas that together make up whom we are. It generally works well although if we don't take ownership of our lives we can by default let any of these constituent areas rule the roost and then we get lost in the fog of stupidity and even worse bad decision and stilted negative opinions of hollow worth.

Two things we all have in common, one we are here alive now part of life itself, we were born into it, and the other is awaiting us in the wings it's death, the date of which we don't know.  There is an industry all about the pomp and ceremony of death created on a commercial basis and shrouded in a hell of a lot of religious clap trap that is neither accurate, true, nor God driven and has no effect whatsoever on the quality of our death or where we are going to go. On our eventual demise most people won't be going anywhere. It matters not how much you believe in whatever fabricated religion you subscribe to, if you don't have love in your heart you are not going to transcend death. Real love is not elasticated, which religious love is, love is all enveloping and doesn't come with a legal document full of conditions, nor are there mitigating circumstances, nor are there opt out clauses which religions dwell upon so as not to lose their pathetic flock. If your religion demands you do this n' that but then says if you can't because of this n' that and offer an opt out clause then it's a load of rubbish. God doesn't have exceptions, you believe or you don't, you follow or you don't. No special clothes, eating, bowing scraping etc. The litmus test is you are shipwrecked on to a dessert island with nothing more than the clothes you are in, you bury some of your colleagues, you pray on your own, you live on your own, you make the way forward the best way possible and the link between you and God is just that. It DOESN'T involve ANYONE else, ever.

Hypocrisy and emotional failure in religious matters, fear, fright, guilt, hatred, killing, etc should not enter the affray as love doesn't hold these areas at all, it can't it's as if one keeps a foot in the camp of the Devil and God just in case, it's evil to think of both in the same context. Attending a funeral of someone who you have not seen or made contact with is not respect it's an insult, life is for the living not the dead, there is nothing going to happen under the auspices of "respecting the dead", what do you think is going to happen? The self journey into feeling good for yourself utilising respect as a cover is your entitlement, albeit a pathetic one. And as a general 'moral' thought we do offer our personal thoughts as a symbol under the auspices of respect, but it doesn't alter the facts nor change anything, and if indeed we didn't respect the dead nothing is going to happen anyway. Being seen to be "respectful" in the eyes of others is shallow as if they have any input or say in our lives or those of the deceased, death is just that, our memories live within us and that's where it all is kept alive, not in showmanship and false selfishness and wailing and screaming and wearing black, it changes nothing, never has never will.

As a society we are generally respectful, it makes us feel good and secure, our morals are generally good although society today has different values than that of years ago, but that's an evolutionary thing more that being for the better or worse. Our relationship with God is purely ours not the government nor anyone else, hence the Middle East try to meld both and hence such a "bloody mess" ensues. If we believe and die alone with no ceremony or congregation weeping in abundance but have love in our hearts then our journey is still as true as ever. Of course if we are Darwinians then we are a mistake of life and have evolved to this level of sentient humanity, the difference is when they die that's your lot, you get confined to where you came from nothing. Your prescience on planet earth is just some sort of objective to live as long as you can the best you can because that's what you do, all else is fallacy, your wish on death will be granted and you will cease to have to fulfil that ideology and your bone meal will be for new growth in life's garden, nothing more. Your spiritual entity (if you believe that or not) will also cease and your transient placement will have been in vain.

As for all those religions wanting to control, use it for their own purpose, syphon off funds for themselves, peddle hatred and killing and suicide bombers and the like, then the inevitable is nigh. Most religions - that is those devised by man, will die off as they are disingenuous with love, as there are endless conditions involved. God's love is unconditional, it's a "one liner" no more. The counterfeits all fall apart in the end no matter how brainwashed and pseudo sincere they think they are. The truth is the truth, call, it what you will or decipher it your way, or give it your slant or interpret it how you think, it all smacks of human error and motive and this is where the evilness of religion floats its boat, it has to because nothing ever happens, it can't as the conduit doesn't make the connection. If something goes well you can thank God until you are blue in the face - which people do, but positive happenings happen to, atheists equally as well, miracles take the love walk to the edge, and the vast majority of people just don't make it. But there again you have the option 24/7 to go down whatever route you like. At the end of the day however, being a hypocrite doesn't score "brownie" points nor does your version of God to guarantee anything upon death, or even during your life either.     

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