Thursday 29 March 2012


Corporate greed and dishonesty disguised under a number of whet and disingenuous areas is on the up and is almost reaching epidemic proportions. Where once you bought an airline ticket and arrived at the airport, checked in got on the flight and that was it. Today in many areas (depending upon your ticket and airline) you have a series of additional payments that it's akin to buying your ticket at a supermarket with dozens of add ons some almost at the last minute so that you have to purchase them otherwise the flight is invalid. (Unbundleling). It's almost extortion / daylight robbery or out and out blackmail. Similarly with websites that offer FREE DOWNLOAD but what's the big deal, Spam is free download too as are virus's. It's only when you have downloaded the information that endless pop up screens appear and that charges start to appear too or worse still those persistent screens that one can hardly shut down unless you have programmes that will effect such easily. Would you trust a company that has to rely on deceit to sell its products or put spy ware on to your hard drive in the process?

It's not too far from the self same thing with financial products also, where the opt out clauses are often longer than the contract itself, the small or hidden print running into pages with asterisks or itemised sub areas even further reducing compliance. Food manufacturers are notorious for downsizing or reducing content or even eliminating some ingredients. Where "special offers" are just that very special reduced sized product, or that supermarkets sell "economy sized" packs which are more expensive than the two smaller sizes together, which is common. Or the "value pack" is anything but. Where creative development in the kitchens have produced a specially crispy bubbly batter to coat their reduced size fish so that it looks the same, place it in larger boxes with enhanced outer pictures to give the impression that what's inside is bigger than it is, and thus the public are fooled into something that is more rather than less than it originally was. This is happening all the time. It's only the fastidious purchasers - fortunately for the manufacturer - that spots such thing.

Where bills suddenly show an increased cost or additional cost that has miraculously been added that was not warranted or previously included in the package. Then the hassle with Customer Services who seem out of it and are going to try and make you feel like it's all OK and this is now what's happening, and so the story goes on. Government legislation on the above areas is weak, it does catch up from time to time but corporate greed and deceit is as such that it's always one step ahead, like crime. Legislation is needed to protect the vast majority who have a right to know and not have to look at the weight or size of everything they buy each time they make a purchase. Where corporate greed almost puts the onus on the purchaser rather than themselves for substantially altering the contents but not saying a word.

The amount of insurances that have been sold that are basically worthless or contain clauses that are so tight that the slightest little thing negates the entire package rendering it a worthless document. The value businesses put on their clients is so thin it's having to be reiterated via PR companies in order to state their concern for their clients, yet if they were honest to start with none of that would be necessary. Life evolves, and costs go up something that no one is immune from regardless of ones self wealth, however the moral aspect as to increasing income is an art form where corporate greed and underhand deceit is concerned where banks are forever crying about their resources and finding more ways to charge more for giving less in return. Such are the 'special offers' they announce only to rescind them shortly afterwards hoping you won't notice and accept the lower and reduced terms. It's playing on human nature such are the depths to which just about all companies are plummeting and feeding on the detritus of life as a current source of potential. Professionalism it seems is in many industries a dying trade, where value is a temporary calculation and the physical and moral aspects are entities are almost something of a bygone era.

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