Tuesday, 13 March 2012


With negativity being peddled all around by the media and the fickle in heart, why is it that some people are always buoyant and bubbly whilst others are always dull and seek to find excuses and failures in society. The bottom line is that what we say think and emanates from within our mind, nowhere else, it's something of our own creation, it's a product of our thought process and it's our copyright. Whether we choose to repeat or reiterate others statements, follow the crowd, swear and be angry, be violent, be deceitful, be moody, be dishonest, and a whole host of other things it's ourselves who chooses all these stances no one else. We have a veritable choice of ways and ideals that we can call upon to steer our ship in life, how we view life is the destination that we will choose to make the journey towards. The predominantly negative will forever have obstacles ahead of them, bouts of frequent lowness and perhaps mild depression. The negative will see life from a pure stance of "I don't know" and thus never see the ways out or the outlets or the opportunities that abound. The more one dwells on negativity the more one will flounder in life. The negative only see negativity and latch on to it, they view those that aren't negative as "fortunate" and thus absolve themselves of being lazy, thoughtless, selfish (and selfishness here plays a big part - most negative people by default are selfish).

The positively minded people see everything, the good, the bad and the indifferent and can see within all of those areas where people are in themselves, which is why they keep positive. They don't apportion blame nor do they seek to oust those who do well nor dwell in the company of the negatively minded, as there's no point, they have nothing to offer, in fact negative people are often emotional vampires sucking the energy of those that are positive. Positively minded people generally have better health, a better social life, a better outlook and acceptance in life, make less excuses as to why things are because they know there's a solution within as to rectifying that thought, and in all are always open to suggestions, ideas, new ways, and increasing their lot.  The negative on the other hand are full of excuses, full of "poor old me" and "it's not fair" and "I've tried everything" which is a mind that's stuck in a groove that forever rotates around itself.

Positive people make decisions, sometimes wrong ones but they make decisions, the negative people procrastinate and make up scenarios that only exist within their mind and become fearful. Negative people can't believe in God even if they purport to do so as God should give you the strength and purpose to be positive. In  all negativity is the evilness of your own creation as it doesn't come from anywhere else. And if one has to reiterate the words "how can you be positive when all around is bad" or something similar then you have stated your case and are acting upon a life of substandard thought and are almost useless to yourself, completely lacking in self esteem and self respect. There should be Government Health warnings saying "CAUTION- NEGATIVE PEOPLE CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR WELLBEING".  We don't have to accept what others say that doesn't resonate with us, and similarly if any of our family or work colleagues are negatively inclined we can opt out from as much contact as we can only interfacing as and when required. Fuelling negativity isn't smart as it does no one any good.

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  1. i really like it!u devote ur life to changes human life,thats really a great things a person can do.u give ur knowledge without limitation.i appreciate that.keep it up!!