Saturday 31 March 2012

THE MATRIX (The real one)....

How many people think that the film "The Matrix" is totally science fiction, and that what has been created albeit in controlled conditions using at that time state of the art graphics and electronics to produce the desired effect, and a good effect it is too, couldn't be at all real. But suppose it was in fact real, not quite as the film presents but in part a high degree of relative truth to the effect that life is a personal reality and that personal reality can literally be controlled or manufactured via outside sources. Is this getting a little too far fetched or is there a glimpse of this possibility happening, because it can and it does exist. The only thing that gets in the way of our mind understanding is ourselves and the limitations that we put on life so as to make our reality feasible and livable and not to 'freak ourselves out'. This is what separates the developed world from the undeveloped world and why so many immigrants take so long to integrate themselves into a society that thinks on a different level. Religion being one of the biggest drawbacks and devastatingly cruel aspects that many have to contend with, not God but religion itself as God (if you believe) is already a spirit of light so far advanced that many of limited intelligence could never comprehend where they are and anything supernatural.

Syntony, Tak, Stochastic rules, the control of Sommer-wuf-Sommer, etc,  is the elevation of higher thought and the ability to enter into the mind by outside agencies constructs of a holographic nature that both change and control mind thought and indeed perception. It's here now, and whilst we sit glued in front of our television sets believing everything that's been generated by low level designers, gatekeepers, disingenuous broadcasters and reporters, divisive engineers, format creators, biased researchers etc we get fed remnants of reality which are pasted over by what is or should be happening. Many in our society are weak, the press and media are very weak they never say as it is for the new fear of political correctness which is a glitch or fault at present time, they excel at bitchiness as it's a safe haven. But all will slowly dissolve to underlay exactly how things are and those which hide currently behind the fear of others saying things as it is will find nowhere to run to, this is real power and real freedom, progress for humanity and where terrorism will be fearful of itself.

Membrane coding has a great deal to play in our earthly development again separating advanced societies and those not so advanced even within the USA and Europe there are "types" of people who are forward thinkers and lower default thinkers or those that haven't a grasp on the future as  the concept of 'today' is virtually all that exists in their mentality. The Merkabah is selective in format it differentiates between the enlightened and those not so. At present the world is run by unenlightened people, no matter what 'statesmanship' they have and that's a dying art, they too fall into abyss of political correctness, selfishness, greed and corruption, not daring to speak out and thus run concomitant problems devised by their own inability, and cause greater default problems by allowing subliminal activity to flourish. No amount of electronic resources will give them the control or ability they need because the public are fed illusory information and by default plod their own way in the backdrop of same. The Kesil of our own development is but currently wasted on science in that we still haven't reached the point that the supposedly illusive Higgs boson "God particle" will spell everything out. It won't as it's itself a constituent of an homogeneous complex in the grand order, but linear thinkers need to be proven they are wrong to change course, and that takes time.

The Hasmal factor will ultimately regain it's force, the light that science is so fond of playing with and hypothesising on "current laws of physics" will reveal astounding properties, but all laws change in circumstances beyond our narrow comprehension and open up territories that are at present way beyond thinking or even possibilities. It's this science lag that unfortunately is a constituent part of the humanoid brain in that it takes time to be understood and then it has to be 'eased out' gently to stop panic amongst the lesser developed in society. Even the Geon (the smallest known unit of gravitation) has properties that whilst may seem insignificant have effects upon structures as carriers of ability for life to exist in a physical form, as opposed to an energy form of a different level and completely different structural understanding. For most people in the West following the gossip columns is the height of their creativity, for those is third world or religious countries failure and catastrophic devastation is awaiting them ahead in life. The world will change dramatically and not without consequences, much of which is happening now. Your current reality today believe it or not is not totally your own, although largely you've allowed that to happen yourself.

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