Sunday 1 April 2012


The fragmentation of our society is fastening at a pace of knots not experienced and not seen before. It's ahead of the so called "wise" people as they themselves are now lost as it's beyond materialism and immediate wealth. And whilst that is still a prominent feature of our society it's becoming an element of time only in that it happens but in the longer term has no value. The underlings of our society those that think only for the moment which is increasing is causing havoc to governments on a global scale and it is not solvable via the many consultancies that are engaged by government to try and make them look as if they know what is happening and know what to do next, they don't. To many it will all be feasible and plans of action seen to be taken will be implemented but no value will emerge from it and the quest to solve what is commonly known as 'moral issues' will be of no consequence. Like the increasing failure of anti-biotics today, these problems will proliferate seemingly impervious to the methods and ideologies that will be enforced and backed up by smug rhetoric from impotent politicians. Time is escalating, it's moving at its own pace and speeding up in the process as it knows that change of a large magnitude must happen and humans and humanoid thought is pitiful to say the least. It's not that humans will be left out of the equation it's just that the evolution of masses of ill conceived life will be terminated as has happened over the past few years via tsunamis, floods, droughts and war itself, etc. It's how it is and how it will be until love is restored. The majority of these deviations and those to come will be in the loveless areas of the world although not exclusively.

Evolution has made its mark time and time again on planet earth, but now the population has through its own dexterity especially in the West caused creative thought to press ahead with it's purpose and presence over and above just it's sheer existence. This is the time continuum that is triggering an existential growth beyond what the majority have even thought about, not that it matters as everyone will be pushed forward some taking advantage and those that are of the 'today' value getting caught up in the unfortunate termination of their existence. It's not gloom and doom it's in many ways exciting and joyful as the sifting out of those that have not evolved and not contribute to life, including vacuous religious orders will be eliminated leaving a degree of purity behind. The Har-Magedon is the confutation between perceived science (or science as it is and the thought behind it) politics, the psychic and spiritual entity and the physical presence of man. The transcendence of all of this will render each area redundant however it's the transcendence that needs to account for that of man himself to comply in order to go further as understanding and a greater comprehension is necessary for it to happen, although it will by default anyway.

The Eshyouhod is ahead of us, it's part of the longevity of development of planet earth, for many natural demise is as far as their thought will ever take them, for others surviving each day is a success story in itself, and for others the future and where they place themselves is partly a conundrum of uncertainty, pre-existing DNA knowledge deep set within, and that which is totally unknown to be revealed at some date in the future. Meanwhile our progress is where we see ourselves over and above the limits of emotions and peripherating on the spirituality of real growth that will heighten our minds and thoughts. Our intuitive senses will be a natural part of ourselves as opposed to occasional times that we feel when things go wrong. Growth of the human form in now rapidly changing, we are still in control of our bodies and can either accept or negate what we feel. Some have not that option as their own enlightenment is virtually at a nil level whereas others 'see' even if not sure something that they are aware of all around them. Conjecture and mental riposting isn't an option for where spirituality is concerned it's a 'oneness' that comes into force a unity of thought no matter how different, a feeling of greater understanding even with regards events yet to take place. That feeling of "I know" even if it's the first time it's come to mind.  We set our course and our future, it's still in our control even if the end destination has already been set, the pathway is ours to choose as of today, but tomorrow it may be a different story, readiness to understand will be the key element to guide us through.

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