Wednesday 18 April 2012


What is the most important thing thing that you need in life outside your health and welfare (and family if you have one)? It's the security and peace of mind that exists around you that promotes 'wellbeing' and a knowledge that whatever you do is going to be as you intended in that someone else hasn't interfered with it or is going to cause harm to yourself or property. However, the problem is getting worse in that there's little done to stop the root cause as  there's only an industry built up on the action of it all happening and what goes on from there. The enclaves in our large cities are well known for crime and the low life dwelling of people who have a poor education, mentality and almost zero outlook on life. The ability of the state to try and re-energise such parts of society is very poor although overburdened with services to help cope with it. Such is our political correctness that it's almost a case where the victim is being blamed for being there for the assailant to have committed the crime. Our whole ethos needs to be radically changed and so does the social structure that almost upholds what is the negativity of the root cause of social decay in society. It's one thing to tax the rich as a statement of income but it's not them who are the parasites on society taking benefits or grants or state handouts, it's quite the opposite. It's those women who have 5, 6, 7 children from equally as many fathers whose children do the same and thus bring more children into the world with almost no hope or chance of success. There are the down and out families that have little or no sense of living that just survive and where education is not of any importance whatsoever, the ghettos of ethnic people - whoever they happen to be, who wallow together in a cesspit of themselves and therefore there is no stimulus nor incentive for any positive growth. Furthermore when you live at the bottom of the pit it's actually quite frightening to move out of as it needs a massive mental change otherwise you take the cesspit mentality with you, hence so many social housing schemes end up as newly built slums.

Our own personal security is yet another aspect of ourselves and one that is vitally important as it has an effect upon the whole of our lives. What are we doing now, what will we be doing and how will we sustain ourselves throughout.  There doesn't have to be a definitive answer to these questions as life is fluid and therefore subject to change even radical change but we can throughout be very positive in that we will be alright and that there is a future and that we will be OK and furthermore happy to boot. That attitude prevails, if we absorb the media detritus of muggins, murders and the like it separates those diffident souls that never do anything and those that forge on regardless and have a far better quality life. There is an "Us and Them" in life, there always has been and there always will be, no matter what the "us and them" happens to be. We don't like everyone in life and not everyone likes us either, so there is by default already a distinction in whom we are and our boundaries. We even in a group of people segregate ourselves or migrate to those that we either feel more comfortable with or have an affinity with or who have more in common with, it's natural.

In communities the good ones are predominantly nice and the bad ones pathetic. The unfortunate aspect of today and many people in the "social strata's" that are involved with socio-economic groups is to try to either bulldozer everything and flatten it down, which never ever works or try to "mix n' match" by putting problem families ' groups in with establish families groups and that rarely works usually invoking resentment, hostility and degradation. It's very important that people don't feel their security is threatened by faceless people somewhere else trying out their own social constructs with people who have worked hard to get where they are and be infiltrated by those who don't care. The degree of social irresponsibility and ineptitude is growing especially as immigration increases and backward cultures tend to reduce an areas social standing by default. The topic of celebrating diversity by the politically correct retards only enhances a lack of unity and even further fragmentation. The overall effect is that ghettos are often created or enclaves and it is an area of newly created environmental problems, religious problems that never previously existed and an overall lowering of standards and of course rising crime, which finds its new home.

Of course security is one thing as is overkill where security actually starts to create its own enveloped intrusion into life and then it's a retrograde step that hinders via paranoia rather than careful and technical design. Where the enjoyment of life is now a brutal step in ones own freedom where originally security was to allow freedom to happen. Where security is almost an entry into Communism where "big brother" is watching you 24/7 and can access every email, text, account, location where you are and what you did or said. And it doesn't end there as once a glitch occurs people are by default denied access to even their own property or accounts having to prove who they are because of a human or electronic mistake in the system and where fraud and electronic organised crime takes on a whole new elevated ball game that's being planned behind all our backs. Before one thinks about security, one must think hard at who is operating that security and do I trust them, including your own government?

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