Tuesday 17 April 2012


The irony and strangeness of religious people is often so baffling one wonders if in fact they are by default devil worshippers in disguise. Religion by its' own hand and merit is flawed, it has to be because it has the creation of man himself in it and as such man is flawed and succumbs to faults, some more than others. As we all know ourselves that over time stories get exaggerated and added to and then one gets zealots and of course corruption of the state and divisive people and before you know it you have rituals and routines that have nothing whatsoever to do with God or indeed anything else. It's all a construct of "charades" or "Chinese whispers" and the unfortunate thing is the congregation follow like lemmings the unscrupulous leaders who enjoy their degree of 'power' and income. All the pomp and ceremony that the Catholic Church goes through and worshipping Mary of all people when Jesus "is the man"  and indeed worshipping goodness knows how many saints and self created idols that are born out from their own arrogant mindsets. It's all like Alice In Wonderland or perhaps The Wizard of Oz as the pope wears the exact same red shoes as Dorothy did. And then we have Islam, where there isn't a stable Islamic country on planet earth, in fact there probably isn't a stable Muslim too as every day in some part of the world some Muslin is killing someone or plotting to kill someone or terrorise someone, where Islam is responsible for over 95% of global terrorism on behalf of their loving God of course, so it's all right to kill in those circumstances I suppose. But if you kill on behalf of God what does the Devil do?

It's not that religions set out to be debased and rank with guilt, fear, repression and the rest but it does serve a purpose for controlling the population and whilst initially it was supposed to preach the 'Love of God' whatever the origination of the God, because Man has a hand in the creation of it it's like digital reproduction in that if there is a fault it will perpetuate and more faults then creep in and so it all starts. Where "blasphemy" in some countries even causes the death penalty to be invoked on behalf of the loving God and words like tolerance, love, freedom, harmony are directed by force so that all comply like robots to a common doctrine so all such countries suffer from a lack of real creativity and thus rely on others countries who develop to sustain them, in fact they are parasites by their own hand. If you believe in God you are his servants NOT representatives, taking God into your own hand is leading to your own "eternal death".

If you are a parent and have children you already know that they when young they are definitely going to disobey you, as indeed you did when you were little, you get annoyed but only for their sake as at times what one did wasn't very good or possibly dangerous. If you believe in God then you must understand that He created the Universe and all that's in it (Let there be Light) and obviously knows all about quantum physics and stuff like that and indeed equations that we don't even know exists, so if we as mere pathetic humans go "off line" at times then He will forgive us as we forgive our children because we love them, and He loves us UNCONDITIONALLY.  God represents "unconditional love" something that humans just can't do, and it's definitely absent in Islam, but many individuals approach that score quite well. Even if our child ends up as a mass murdered and in prison, we can still love them even if at the same time grossly disappointed and dismayed at what has materialised. Many Eastern European / Eastern Asian families don't see love like this for them it's a matter of face, and whatever others think which is stupid but says a lot about their cultures. For societies to take on the onus that blasphemy is punishable by death it begs to raise the issue that their God is in fact weak and can't tolerate such misbehaviour or actions from His own creation, which sounds weird. The more insecure people are the more they have to make noises to try and defend themselves because they in themselves fear that behind what they do is an emptiness and one only has to look at the humanitarian facts to see a pattern of nothingness that has evolved.

Where in places whole country laws have been "made up" on behalf of the individual in the name of God, but this is not only subjective it's totally wrong, as communication with God is between God and the individual NO ONE ELSE.  Such regimes falter and are at the mercy of  perpetual  insecurity both as a country and the people who eventually become paranoid and religiously inane as they believe in what they are taught as opposed to having a belief which brings with it inherent and firm stability, warmth, compassion, freedom and a higher intelligence. There's a big difference between Religious people and those who believe in God. The former are failures whilst the latter are all successes as they believe God is with them 24/7 wherever they are, no pomp or ritual. The litmus test is being shipwrecked on a desert island the religious go to pieces whilst the believers get their strength from God and make it work. How you apportion your thoughts are up to you, politicians can't speak the truth as they talk in words called "politics" and are by definition today weak not like our forefathers who were strong and made bold decisions. If you are strong and your faith is strong it doesn't matter what someone says about you or your God or if they burn your religious book, it's only material paper and print and glue, it's the weak and shallow and resentful and hateful that make a noise because they dare not feel that if all fails failure is what's left. You can't insult God because He loves you unconditionally you can only insult man because man has an ego and failure within.

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