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Whatever you think or whatever you apportion to your circumstances or upbringing or race or religion it all boils down to you, you are the one who decides who you are and what you are and not others. It's you who walks in your shoes, it's you who eats sleeps and drinks in your skin, and at the end of the day this happens literally until you die, it's you who is the person who is laid to rest, no one else can ever do that.  The real truth is that if you think you can't you probably won't because you are stacking all the odds against yourself, and if you think you can you have every possibility of doing so. And if you have a chip on your shoulder you'll forever have problems in your life, forever. If for one moment you ever bring yourself down or compare yourself to people of a lesser disposition or lowness then that's by default your Achilles heal that is going to tether yourself to being a lower common denominator within what hope you ever have, even if it's said in jest. Where the mind goes the body follows so it if failure is somewhere amongst your thoughts as a base parameter then that's what is going to be the default thought especially when times get tough or great decisions have to be made. Whatever help or opportunities come your way it's you who will make or break them, it's you who will enjoy the energy of opportunity that exists or turn it in to fear, it's the same energy  it's purely down to how it's used or transmuted. Like Uranium you either make a bomb and blow yourself up or harness it to make nuclear electricity.

Success is not listening to the throng of backseat commentators, it's keeping your own council and surrounding yourself with positively minded people. It's getting into the habit if it's not a natural occurrence to talking positive and not seeing life as 'me and them' as that will further segregate your thoughts as to climbing higher up the ladder. Being reclusive will only furthermore reduce life to something that is lived within the mind and not in the world itself, sharing energy of a positive nature and elevating conversations will introduce conduits and knowledge to further enhance life and give it a strength that otherwise would be missing. It's important to see others 'breaking the mould' as that is an impetus to the self to follow suite in your respective field. Magic wands don't exist, I've looked, but all around us at least for the positively minded are those who know those vital bits of information that we need to 'get on. And what's more (this is the good news) is that if you come across them they will because they will recognise your verve and stealth help you by imparting or assisting your progress. It's their purpose but the key to such people is pure and unadulterated 'positivity' nothing more nothing less, they don't want to hear about past failures they want to know about future success as that's where they want to help you strive to. And for those who are saying "Well I've never met anyone like that" just think that by saying that it's an attitude that already has streaks or self negativity and even arrogance built in. People come across what you do at certain times in life, they do so because what you have already done has planted a root that is now germinating, even if its taken years. Keeping an open mind on your subject opens up many doors and like everything else when the time is right even unbeknown to you or your project / style it all  may need modification to bear fruit, something that might initially go against the grain, but think hard as this could be the one thing that zooms you to success. There's nothing like being staid and unyielding to find success was turned into failure because of ego.

The road to success can be lonely, it can be very isolated and it can be disconcerting at times, but if what you want is that strong it can also be exciting and wondrous and prove incredibly fruitful both emotionally and financially too. Overcoming is a mental concept it's not looking at obstacles and barriers they don't exist, success is finding ways around them all and separates the leaders from the followers. As success nears the road gets narrower then it just opens up to show that wondrous view ahead, and then starts yet another journey, a slightly different one never the less a journey of differing proportions but one which can elevate your thoughts and deeds to levels beyond your previous comprehension. Sometimes we strive at things because of our narrowness of heart and mind, just to try and make something succeed for sheer spite, but from a bigger picture the greater good should always be of paramount importance. Building the house is better than mentally decorating it before it reaches completion. So many people fail because of their narrowness or blinkered attitude, and self indulgent lowness, wallowing in a pity that's akin to losing before you start. If you feel low then your approach and even writing skills will enhance that for others to subliminally pick up. A smile both internally and externally opens up endless possibilities, it shows whatever you are going through that you are not going to be beaten or be put down no matter what. Success is that close as it starts from within.

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