Monday 9 April 2012


Many people today are finding that it's becoming more difficult living in their own skin than actually living as a person in the society in which they reside. Our lives are speeding up and more and more people are seemingly swimming with the tide regardless of where it's flowing to. There seems a section of society that is almost out of touch with life and are robtically just living in the 'designer' lead forum listening to hyped disingenuous news, following worthless people, and cocooned in an aura of diatribe themselves, almost having abdicated self thought for that of the mass group thinking policy. It's true that life and the world is increasing in terms of evolutionary growth, where for many years it just trundled along at an almost sedentary pace, whereas now it's heating up the pot and we are as a race on planet earth trying to find a more comfortable position.

Global warming, emission controls, disingenuous trading in carbon, and governmental regulations will not affect planet earth as it will survive no matter what we do, after all it's been through worse times and come out shining. We as a race have only just been here a short while and are getting a little concerned about our well being, well not everyone, but most. Our minds are capable of much more than we allow them yet at the same time some areas of society rarely use their minds at all, and repressive countries have so indoctrinated their populous with "religious diatribe" that they are incapable of becoming stable both as a race of people and a country which houses such people, which is evident today. If our mental situation is flawed then there is little hope for society at large, tablets and shrinks aren't the answer to self control, they are the fall out default situation for the many that lose the plot not through medical conditions but a lack of their own self governance and ability.

Schools and educational establishments rarely teach anything pertaining to common sense, manners, communicational skills and wherever there is a smidgen of "political correctness" there is a definite fall in progress and an increase in instability. Fickle children taught by fickle teachers who have a list of "can't do can't say" more than "can do" and "can say" is but repressing children who find common sense is an area almost missing in their lives. And where mass immigration from illiterate or backward societies has in reality held back what once was an almost overwhelming increase in knowledge. Where celebrating diversity has eliminated a 'oneness' and people are feeling almost fragmented and disjointed and separated rather than feeling part of a unity, such are the pathetic brainless and narrow psychopaths that have illusion of life known only unto themselves and know nothing of life local or global yet dictate it to be taught on to others.

But even with those of an older nature and in their late 20's or 30's and indeed older their is a dearth of mental froughntness that they find life hard to comprehend and get to grips with. Where real free thinkers and those that have free thought are almost left out in the cold as the "zombies" that are left absorb the flotsam and jetsam of fabricated life and then wonder why everything is so difficult. Governments are adding to the national unhappiness factor as opposed to rectifying it because they too are of the populous zombie mentality and designer personal greed. Everyone wants to be smart, to make a difference but only if they are part of the picture themselves and receive appropriate kudos for it, such is their conditional philanthropic mentality. Governments are weak, they dare not throw down any gauntlets and so they reside forever in a cloud of PR Rhetoric and nothing more. The European Government are corrupt and have syphoned off £4bn in funds for their own enjoyment which they cannot account for and some sanction chauffeurs for their pets at the public expense.

Where the legal system in the UK was once a shining example of fair play, it's now just "play"  and is so out of touch and unfair and incredibly grossly expensive and slow which is how they like it as it's milking the system for the system itself. Where illegal immigrants get more money than pensioners, where victims are viewed as the cause for the aggressor who gets rights and better treatment. And where rights are given to those who take the rights of the everyday citizen away, if you go against society your rights should be automatically removed. Where many overseas countries don't even have a decent legal system, it's there just for show and for their own government to use at their discretion to lock up whom they like just because someone says something against them.

Mental health is linked to faith in society. Africa is totally corrupt the Middle East is totally corrupt and mentally unstable, Asia is emerging yet it has its corrupt "Nouveaux riches" governments. Pakistan is a hell hole and Godless society full of deceit and negativity and lovelessness as is Afghanistan and its poncy leader, and even in the USA where greed is now God at all costs as is paranoia about security. And Europe where many of the populous of the Eastern European states are littering the Western European jails. And failed European countries are where they are because of incompetent governments as opposed to conditional situations. There is no area of the world immune from it's own deceit and divisive ploys including China, Russia and South America too, where all is carried out by the few and endured by the many. Keeping ones mental solace is a prime function as that is what at the very end is going to keep one afloat and actually live through it all and come out shining, smiling and impervious the those who take it all in, panic and suffer.       

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