Wednesday 25 April 2012


We all like to think we are free, then when it suites us we make up stories about why we can't be or because of restrictions or circumstances, but that's a mixture of fear and apathy creeping in to our controlled version of reality. It is a controlled version as we model everything around our ability and not wanting really to venture too far if at all from our 'comfort zone'. It's nice to hold the thought that everything is available to us but we don't really want to venture down the route to get it as it's for most people a step too far. Freedom is relative,  there is always a latitude in freedom and what upsets the apple cart is that of fear itself, in that of allowing others to take control of their lives without being fettered to bureaucracy. i.e. you need permission to do almost anything. It's why the West has ventured further than most countries in terms of technology and creativity and left other areas of the world such as Africa and the Middle East at the bottom of the leagues in terms of innovation and what they give to society. Two extremes one area with relative wealth and the other with relative poverty and between them they contribute nothing as compared to other continents, so engrossed are they in bribery, corruption, bureaucracy, red tape, ministerial / official palm crossing, and so on and so forth. Even in China and India corruption is the biggest culprit to substandard lives and failure more than anything else.

However, where there is a will there is a way, we see around us shops, products, services all created by individuals outside of the major conglomerates. There is within society something that is nearly always sadly lacking in government, entrepreneurial thought. The ability to 'see' without being dragged down into the darkness by that awful word 'politics'. The ability to live life to the full and see values, see needs, see opportunities, and see progress of real value. It's not that governments don't in some areas do a bad job but they are predominantly staffed by inefficient plodders who are at times overburdened with red tape and age old lackadaisical hierarchy that's very very expensive, slow and diffident. The interface between commerce and government at times is like a tsunami itself, where the politicians and bureaucrats feel part of a plan but never be part of it as everything is transient and at times there is more of a collective ownership rather than that of a real leadership lead status.

But even in oppressive countries and religiously controlled countries there remains a degree of freedom, it lies in the underground, it lies in global communication, it lies in leaving the countries for overseas shores which many do, freedom cannot be quashed even when vast amounts of money are needlessly wasted in trying to control freedom and democracy. Nothing that man ever does is without fault, it's impossible as man is by default a creature of faults. But within it all lies that camaraderie of soul and love that makes it all work. Man is a love based creature, take away love and you have a robot or drone, even though a few buck the system for self greed and power the vast majority still subscribe to love for without it even the most creative thinker becomes unstable, as love binds our values and purpose together.

Families and at times educational establishments can actually demote your abilities based purely on their own negativity and personal lack of foresight and some notable examples of people being told when young they would amount to nothing have indeed proved the opposite. So it's very important to follow your own pathway in life and not ramble on aimlessly to those who subscribe to lower aspirations than yourself. Life has a habit of showing you the pathway forward but only if you meet it half way and not from a hypothetical stance but real action and deed. Don't falsely blame what others say about you, or don't falsely blame society or the people around you for being stupid or narrow minded. If you want to break the mould you will by default upset the dull miserable thinkers around you including perhaps your parents that want you to conform for their sake not yours (conditional love syndrome). As soon as success starts to rear its head all will change, but you will be not only wiser but light years ahead in the knowledge of the bigger picture and will see freedom shining through all the cracks that the bureaucrats can't see because of their blindness in seeing beyond tomorrow which is fear based, dark and nothing more.

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