Wednesday 4 April 2012


All around us there is noise, not necessarily the noise we can hear, but noise there is, it's reverberating and vibrating to an effect and at some point up the scale it turns to light as it has an energy. We see and hear a very limited part of the entire spectrum but it serves us well and if we could see and hear more then we would have be able to differentiate between what it all means otherwise our minds would be constantly in an overload mode. To understand life more proficiently we need to both understand ourselves, which many don't, and life itself otherwise we end up as stoic and pathetic excuses of human life some of which is almost on the verge of being created as a race in the west at the lower levels of life, where self thought is the only reason for existence. Everything makes a noise, life is itself a vibration and all that is in the cosmos sings to a set tune, even if the harmonics vary. If we are discordant then we know there is something wrong, we don't need a degree in science to understand that, but it's too easy to be arrogant and understand what discordant life is all about if we don't have any solutions as to how to correct it or re-tune it to provide more comfortable sounds that like a well tuned car just purrs in motion as opposed to rough clangy sounds it would otherwise emit.

Unhappiness, sadness, loneliness, evil, retribution, anger, worry, unsettled, religion, nervousness, unreliability, dishonesty, lack of purpose, lack of being, etc, all the negative emotions are discordant and reverberate in an ill conceived manner hence if they are allowed to continue by default make us unhealthy and the consequences of which can be dire. Within the framework of life and that silent noise that's around us we create a new kind of noise, it's called 'our life' and whilst it's made up of the same stuff of everything else around us it's still unique to us, it will never be replenished nor copied such is the vastness of life and our part in it. Discordant societies are made up of discordant people and they run on for years and years, discordant lives are similarly created by the self, and at this point one must differentiate between being discordant and personal happiness because it's possible to have degrees of personal happiness within a discordant society, and it very possible to be unhappy in a concordant society.

When the harmonics of our lives resonate well when we feel good about ourselves and life, even if all isn't perfect, it's how we see ourselves and assess where we are and what we have and decide it's OK to be happy. It has to be because happiness is already within us it's not circumstantial, even though that can give us a degree of happiness itself, what makes one happy may not be the contributing factor to another's happiness. Happiness is not a journey, it's here right now whether you like it or want to believe it or not. What noise we choose to bring to enhance living to us is purely down to ourselves, no one else can enter into our own noise or happiness, we can contribute to the overall orchestral sound of life or be something of a clatter of discordant amplitude that everyone rejects or spurns or treats as something that they don't want. Many large companies and organisations are after years of service going bust, old values are being terminated as not compliant with today's cheap and easy short termism, where the resonance isn't very pleasing and thus in its wake of such sounds endless re-inventing is becoming an on-going strategy just to keep afloat regardless of what cost and expense.

Instability and the absence of real leadership relinquished for greed and power makes their discordant noise unheard yet its felt by all around. The atmosphere of many a workplace is negatively charged and this in turn is brought to the home life and distributed to those there who in turn distribute their negative harmonics to others and soon society is revelling to disconcerting sounds that start the whole ball rolling to ill health and where mental health is concerned the agility of the nation is then in jeopardy. Nothing in life is exclusive, it's part of the homogeneous overall sound where harmonics blend or otherwise, it's the otherwise we need to focus on as it's in our remit to be able to fix it all. But where showmanship is today's premier action it leaves the unseen unheard to slowly flourish until it's all too late and nations have problems looming large that know nothing of or about. Being "at one" with life isn't some "new age" diatribe, it's actually feeling that whatever happens you are going to feel good and not be a part of what is a temporal situation and that the ambient resonance of life is where you belong, for what is the alternative.       

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