Wednesday 11 April 2012


No matter who we are we like to think we have an edge somewhere in life on some topic no matter what it is, whether it's gardening, politics, car maintenance, cooking, football, the list is endless. That single topic may be our only claim to fame but it's never the less important to us as it has an inner ambiance that resonates every time the subject comes up and it stimulates those areas pertaining to it. Outside of that topic (or those topics) we do what we have to do to get on in life, it's sometimes a world away from our hearts desires but we do it and often quite proficiently too and it pays our way to us doing what we can afford. It's not a totally satisfactory situation but it works and often where our real stimulus lies isn't an area where we can in all reality work, even if at times we see others who are almost incompetent working in such areas. The workplace market today as it is and many of whom are currently working in certain sectors are increasingly changing their jobs mid life to something that they have never done before. And there are companies who are not only willing to take on such people but because from past experience they know if those who love what they do have a chance to do it, they often excel where those who do it through necessity just plod along. However, the reality is there aren't still that many companies willing enough to venture via this route and the mechanics within companies are so staid and narrow and straight laced that for then it's a step too far.

The work force splits into two areas leaders and followers, it can further be broken down into those who can not only work on their own but are willing and have an inherent knowledge as to going it alone, and those who have very similar attributes but need to be employed and have someone else do the background paper work. There's no better or worse in this as it's the brain power that's the operative product and not the 'modus operandi' and that's the difference only. However for very advanced thinking views of life take on a whole new meaning in that personal perception is often far in excess of that of those who are in recruitment be it in house or the commercial variety, and gross misunderstanding and perceptions is often a terminating factor of 'brilliant or even good minds' being constantly turned down. Whereas those who are 'lesser' in knowledge often get jobs because their intellect isn't so far advanced and everyone can understand them more easily. This is the "easy" or "hard" option in life for many shunted around at the immature and inferior discretion of others.

The bottom line however is very straight and forthcoming in that those who have "above average" intelligence in an area of life not necessarily coupled with life skills nor common sense have at their finger tips a whole plethora of work which they would have done for themselves as that would be their personal credential. For without that life and what you are thinking revolves solely within your mind and therefore is oblivious to anyone else, no matter who they are. Artists have to paint, writer have to write, cooks have to cook, inventors have to invent, and so it goes on, they just have to do it and put down or do what excites within. It's this portfolio that eventually makes the grade and overrides the setbacks and negative comments from the uninitiated and pathetic to those who oppose your whole ideas often just for the sake of it, and the lowest denominators in life - critics. We all have a degree of intelligence and often super intelligent people are in reality plodders even if at a high level of understanding. It's where like for like cross currents meet and form an eddy or whirl pool, intelligence and perceptive ability in a certain field meld to form a reality that's more often than not above what many can understand or even wish to understand as it's baffling for them to say the least or even uncomfortable.

Humans can be quite cruel when it comes to making a decision based on areas in which they feel threatened or not totally at liberty to enter into because they know it's beyond them, even if they understand the gist of it all. They also don't like to ask for help either in many cases and hypothesise bringing into the scenario a whole list of obstacles and credentials that are in reality nothing to do with the subject in question, but just to justify their own failings and decisions that they put to other underlings who don't understand either but agree because they can't or daren't question what is also beyond them. The good news is that eventually those that press on supersede the underlings, the failures and gatekeepers of society as they gently rot away not being wanted by anybody and then realising how many lives they potentially screwed up and what assets they could have employed to their credit. The truth will out in the end as it always does, it's just stamina and will power that in the long run conquers the idiots in-between.

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