Tuesday 24 April 2012


It's of no surprise that right now somewhere someone is desperate for help of some kind, it doesn't matter what it is, desperation is the same for everyone regardless of the nature or the severity of the situation. But further down the line there is a degree of desperation that just doesn't quite hit the 'critial list' yet constantly burns away deep inside of us awaiting a solution that's affecting our life. It's the constant gnawing that 'toothache' that's at the back of our mind that's throbbing away and taking the edge of our every day life, making our small choices and decisions seem larger than they should be and bringing our world into a narrower focus that eliminates or excludes what we could really be enjoying. Whether at work or at home, the feeling that there is just something that's preventing life moving to the 'fast lane' weighs heavily and many people are caught up in this scenario, many that on the outside one wouldn't realise nor see nor even anticipate that such problems exist within them as they smile and get along their daily life as if trouble free. Yet deep within the seas of rage battle against the odds and the inner vision of life is anything but that what appears on the outside.

Help is something that many people steer well clear of and even more so bottle up what they have churning around within for fear that others may judge them on what it is that's bothering them.  It's this mixed emotion of being "thought of" by others that also exacerbates the situation greatly as they then feel locked into a scenario that they don't want to discuss their predicament and feel it's either not that great as to get professional help and again that they will be judged by the professional as being weak or stupid or that they should be able to deal with whatever they are going through but still can't. It's such dilemmas that many face daily and at times problems or mind situations come thick and fast that it can at a certain moment be almost inwardly overwhelming and then sleeplessness sets in and irascibility and one gets on a short fuse and the humour levels diminish and so it all gets worse.

Mental health is one of the biggest problem areas in the West, although it's increasing in the developing world and intermediary worlds too such as those religiously controlled areas that have extremely high mental health issues because of it. If the mental health of a nation flounders then everything goes with it, the Arab Spring which will come to very little in the end will be a curse of those that didn't have the courage and strength of conviction to make a clean sweep, resulting in everyone even the victors whoever they may be suffering at their archaic deeds. It's essential that we like our computers get rid of both the unwanted files and the accumulated redundant information otherwise everything slows up and possibly crashes, as humans we can act in that very same mode, although crashing is something we must strive not to do at all costs.

Help is available in many places even if initially we assume that it isn't or we think it isn't because that way it's easier to absolve ourselves from doing anything, yet at the same time we are only putting off the day of eventuality and a high degree of happiness which we are admonishing whilst keeping our problems at the forefront of our minds. Different things effect different people and it's up to us being experts of ourselves to do something about it. It matters not what others think, if they think bad thoughts you don't need them, otherwise they should be compassionate and sympathetic. Help from whatever source one will find that you are not alone and that feeling of embarrassment and
failure and letting yourself down will immediately be eliminated and a feeling of joy, upliftment, strength and new ability will flow immediately within. Often to the effect of "why didn't I do this before" and to know that you are not alone is also so just so emancipating that ones problems are sent into check straight away and a renewed feeling of ability flows through your whole body.

Whatever your situation respect YOURSELF, forget what others whoever they are think, forget about self created stigma, forget about your own embarrassment - as if you are the only one with a problem, forget about what will the professionals think - they have problems too, forget about anything but getting your problems solved whatever they are it matters not, medical, mental, physical, financial, relationship, situational, family, work, bullying, children, stalking, the list is endless if it's causing concern then it needs to be dealt with and you to get back on track as soon as possible. Getting back into the driving seat is far preferable than to be a passenger in your own life, think hard, fast and quickly make a decision that whatever is troubling you long term, not just temporary events, isn't going to be there any longer and make a move to free yourself up to a better and more rewarding life. One thing to beware is that of selfish concern by family members or friends, who are definitely not experts in your problems and will always give stilted, biased, weighted answers towards what they think and have little regard for yourself. Independent advice is on the whole by far the best solution and one where you can be neutral in what you say and think and feel and without reciprocal emotion which is self generated. It's your life, if you can't do it for you  no one can and if you falter then those around you are of no value either as respect and communication just flies out the window.

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