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Failure is a word that many people shy away from, it's not nice to be classed as a failure, or to have something not go the way it should have thus it's a failure. But failure has been given a bad name by inept people who basically do nothing themselves and these are the real failures. Without failure there would be no success whatsoever, and indeed is failure as designated by the onlookers really failure because many a time when things go wrong it's not failure it's vast experience and understanding of why things didn't quite go right and thus we are now the better and more wiser to both deal with and tackle life and the problems ahead of us. It's just so easy for the armchair experts to exert their dull formulaic logic on to those who have earnestly and dejectedly tried to forge a designed result and not to have met with those expectations. It's thanks to failures that many of us are still alive and kicking today even the critics of those who once seemingly failed yet in that plight sought the real truth and knowledge and ways to overcome and succeed way beyond expectations and often with heightened success at that.

Scientists, pharmacists, engineers often fail almost daily in their lives for years on end trying to find solutions, cures, technological advances, yet persevere they do until that 'ureka' moment comes along and mankind is better all around for that result. Many a business mogul can relate to failure more than once sometimes through no fault or bad judgement of their own, just circumstantial aspects have overtaken all their planning and pushed parameters beyond the potential buffering to withstand it all. So many small business men and women struggle beyond belief in getting their own businesses up and running making at times great sacrifices in order to keep the wheels turning, but like everything else perseverance pays off even if the route at times is more like a ride on the big dipper. The media and the backseat drivers judge the value and worth of those by what they perceive and can see, and fine let them, because the real successes are those who just "go for it" fighting at times against the odds and negative conditions. But as soon as it all changes then what a turnaround, but then your hard earned work pays off as you literally have life in your grasp and not that of those who judge without cause other than to make themselves feel better.

If you've ever hit the buffers running, turned down endless 'dead ends' being pushed by those who know more, looked down upon by the arrogant and egotists, being scorned by your family for not doing what they think, brushed aside by those that haven't a clue what you are doing nor want to know, rest assured that the knowledge you have is just fabulous, in that you have it all over and above everyone else. Even if at times you feel like you are walking in deep mud or swimming against the tide take heart that aircraft always fly against the wind and what a success they are, salmon swim against the currents and survive because of it. You don't have to follow the herd as there are no rules in life everything has its place. Failure isn't an option, it's just a generic term spewed out by those who can't justify an explanation, you know better and that smile that hides the inner tears and struggle is the first sign of overwhelming success, even if you think it's nowhere to be seen. So many people whether in a recession or not are at that 'tipping point' and like seeds in the ground nothing happenes for ages until one day those little green shoots start poking through.

There are no runways in life nor vertical takeoffs either, and whilst it may seem like that for some everyone has to put up with conditions that they never expected and at times some have to start again from scratch. Whatever your dream, goal, endeavour, it's you who are both the backbone and success, and not achieving your goal isn't failure, often what amounts to the end result has so much been modified because of new understandings, opportunities, technology, circumstances, etc, that whatever the result you're a success and failure as it were en-route has made you the ebullient lord of your domain, no one else. Never be put off by others negativity or not reaching what you set out to do, there isn't a company that hasn't had to change tack en-route to survive and accommodate updated circumstances and opportunities. Let nothing put you off the route to where your heart lies, and if one sees in history those that were told that they would never amount to anything, were told by those who had no vision themselves, and one such person told that ended up one President of America.

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