Thursday 26 August 2010


Sociopaths make up about 4% of the population, they are people who have no or little emotion as opposed to fanatics who often have an overzealous passion that fuels intent over and above reason for humanity, such as the ever increase in mental Islamic Terrorists. Sociopaths exist in Africa in abundance where rulers and leaders siphon funds and obtain a lifestyle far in excess of what their country can afford, although this way of living is not exclusive to Africa as a whole. Never the less sociopaths exist within all our communities and usually have positions of authority which they utilise purely for their own gain regardless of consequences such as in the recent global finance meltdown. There's nothing to safeguard against sociopaths as those lower down the ladder are fuelled on by greed and potential in a "follow me" capacity over and above their own capabilities so latch on to what could be a free ride to extra wealth for themselves.

Sociopaths make good mercenaries too, where human life is but a value of monetary unit and suffering is a consequence of their own inability or the system to adequately care about the populous such as in Dhofar. The lack of self regulation with regards families and the size of same always having to rely on others to feed, clothe, educate ete, a recipe for ongoing disaster until it becomes a norm and everyone moves on accepting the status quo. A quality of many sociopaths is their chameleon like status, being able to change appearance to gain whatever they want for their greater plan. Most sociopaths pay great attention to detail and seek to uphold an appearance which is usually very smart and commands a certain degree of respect even if you don't know what it is one is respecting, it's an air which is exuded and this attracts followers who seek a style they would like to aspire to themselves. (Usually weak people who feel they can gain kudos from others and are incapable of doing it themselves).

Sociopaths have the ability to reduce others to putty in their hands such is their talent to strike beyond the nerves of others who control what they do based upon concern and thought for others, the sociopath has the ability to see through someone coldly and reduce their own reasoning to dust. There are strong leaders and there are sociopaths who more often than not just keep to themselves  as the "limelight" would hinder rather than help their ultimate ideas and plans. Where little is indispensable in what they set out to achieve and the route to attaining that goal can for bystanders be lavish, unknown to them that they have been drawn into a spiders web of consequences and haven't a clue about. A sociopath is a master at emotional games something that the average punter is not capable of handling proficiently and usually submits to whatever they need to do even begrudgingly and with great remorse within.

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