Thursday 14 June 2012


We are by default sentient human beings although I think some will throw that in question, never the less it's a mark of a superior being. As a race we are marvellous people, it's only the trappings and conditions that tend to thwart our real ability to grow such as those in the third world and the dearth of religions that restrict life and cause repression as opposed to praising their God and allowing growth. They all suffer who believe in fear and restriction as can be seen by their backwardness in life and the way they have to rely on others to develop what they find incapable of doing themselves. Our emotions are one of the prominent aspects of our lives, we move throughout the whole of our life via an emotional wave, some days it's relatively calm others it's vibrant in every way. It's these which give us our feelings and in turn we feed off of these feelings and react according to how we deem it is expedient. We have within us free will and therefore we have negative emotions too such as envy, greed, jealousy, selfishness, anger, arrogance, etc, and these in turn are linked to how we feel as a person. If we are relatively secure in life then we get on quite well and cope where we have to. If we are not so secure then we readily pick up the negative emotions and feel moody, angry, jealous, etc, and start to use these emotions to our benefit - or so called benefit - to try and get our own way. It's called emotional blackmail and it's the lowest of levels one can almost stoop to. Where people feign tears in order to gain sympathy, be moody in order to try and get their own way and so on. Keep well away from such people and don't ever pamper to their debased thoughts

Many a young "thug" type of person has difficulty in showing emotion, it's almost a "sissy" thing to feel upset, angry yes, but upset or loving - forget it. This misplaced understanding results in a life of trials and tribulations and dares and a whole host of random stupidity, when deep down the onset of real love from anyone that cares is what is most needed. After all with real love - unconditional love - hurt and upset and anger don't come into the equations (back to why some religions are always killing and getting upset - evil doctrines). Governments are useless at such things as their agendas are power based and so when it comes down to emotional remedies they are also thuggish and impotent even if they pretend to understand. Of course societies and cultures play a big part in how we grow up and deal with life, some cultures are fiery and emotionally volatile whilst others are more controlled and think before they act. Some of the Eastern cultures are the worst in that they make a Hollywood drama out of anything as a means for others to help them, women there do this exceptionally well, it's all conditioning and religion and is a real far cry from living and life as it should be as it's always an Achilles heal for them. Then we get to the other extremes where manufactured effect is almost de regeur such as the real Hollywood awards where speeches almost turn your stomach over with the whet diatribe they come out with.  

People react to others emotions, we are judged by them, but it doesn't mean that someone who goes ape like has more feeling than someone who remains calm and stands their ground, it's often the latter that has more compassion and less theatrical selfishness. There is a time and a place and what the outward signs are don't always reflect the inner state. We tend to veer towards those that share our emotional position in life, it makes us feel more secure and in control and enables a more stable stance in life regardless of whatever happens. We can all cry with tears of joy or sadness a development of extreme emotion in both cases, some are more susceptible than others, and there's no detriment to ANYONE who sheds a tear, it's a natural part of yourself and something that one should never be ashamed of. However back to the "thug" scenario, the personal shame of being emotional or selectively emotional, whereas if they were real stable solid humans they would just be themselves and not live behind a facade that's unreal and designed to repress, a state of human failure. We can more often than not even with someone we don't know see through feigned emotions or those who enhance their joy or grief to effect self notice, selfishness has no limits and we can feel within those who are genuine and those who 'put it on', the emotional vampires always seeking others energy. It's good to show emotions as it's good to look good, it reflects who you are and the sincerity of who you are too. Never emulate others, don't cry at a funeral if you can't, don't laugh if you don't think it's funny, but do either if appropriate as and when it affects you, you're not on trial nor do you need approval or acceptance from anyone. Be yourself and allow the inner you to blossom.  
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