Sunday 17 June 2012


What many people are experiencing today is rejection in particular the young, it's not that they aren't any good or what they are doing is of no value or that indeed they haven't got any ability, it's just that they have been challenged by someone and they take personally to heart what has been said, and it's usually out of context. Strangely enough it's often "quite nice people" who tend to "suffer" from this feeling more than anyone else, although it's not exclusive. If you are an "all round" nice guy then you are basically accepted (as a person) wherever you go at whatever level and you tend to interact accordingly, make assessments of the situation at hand and predominantly get some form of feedback whether it's direct or indirect as to your judgement. When you start to get negative feedback or no feedback especially in a work environment even if it's not related to the quality of your work it starts to have a negative resonance and it either sparks an immediate anger or 'bithchy' retort followed by periods of silence (which is usually churning over and over the situation in your mind).  In what I do I seek information and views from others so as to build up views and opinions different to my own, that way I get a better and more informative balance on the subject in hand. It's also a case and I firmly believe one can never know it all and there's always something to learn no matter what even if it's just going though the process yourself.

Recently I was offered a series of sessions (initially one off's) with some "respected" business advisers in "respected" organisations, (which I get offered / becomes available from time to time) and prior to meeting up I had to fill in a questionnaire about a whole series of facts and figures about me, my work, and what I wish to achieve, all of which I can do with great ease now. Never the less I make sure what I put down is pertinent, accurate and with details to my websites / publications / and achievements to date, better too much than too little, you can always press the delete button but there isn't an "add/more" button. Bearing in mind these sessions are not cheap I was eager to learn and interchange ideas, views, and receive possibly new information or concepts about what I was wishing to do,etc.  And what a let down they were. The people concerned were very nice indeed, kind, hospitable, knowledgeable, fun, bright, sharp, and yet I felt so let down, they almost appeared like robots just going through one more client as if we were travelling together on a parallel road but in different cars. I left feeling somewhat "empty" within, and what a waste of time that was. And from the many years I've been in business all over the world there seems to be this type of cold advisory platform that I can well understand how many young people think and can now suffer from (NTD) New Type Depression. I wasn't depressed as in fact I leaned why many people don't respond the way they should and it's predominantly that they are treated "as another client" and there is NO personal inter-relationship, the advisers are not only incapable of it they don't even want to go there as it's too much trouble for them. Yet this is the spark that could kindle untold excitement, positivity and great success. Bog standard information is available all over the place most of it for free but much professional information seems to be governed by cost rather than quality and real client understanding.

 I get bombarded by companies offering conferences, seminars, workshops with supposedly well known names and what they impart, but most of it is disingenuous, subterfuge, and they like whores try to solicit as much as they can from you in return for solving your problems, making you successful, opening doors, raising your marketing game, telling you all about how they make it, and so on. They are so good in fact it's wonder they haven't been nationalised by the government and made compulsory in education so that everyone on planet earth can be as successful and wealthy too. And whilst some of these seminars after being offered at a high price, reduced price, special price, personal knock down price, etc, etc, do have good information it's all down to the 'solubility factor' and not flashy marketing to the endless stream of 'wannabies' attending wanting to up their game from basement to top floor in one go, or worse still looking for those elusive tips that will generate their protege from embryo to full gown in a flash. It never happens, except for real entrepreneurs who already have that in-built kudos to do it themselves. Indeed these marketing organisations are marketing themselves nothing more. Selling a hope like "anti-wrinkle" cream, it's bought to stave off age, but it only works as long as you use it, cures aren't yet developed. If after all your efforts, and your inner deep dream has not been delved into by a "business professional" (and there isn't such a thing as a "one size fits all") don't get alarmed as all the great successes like salmon swim against the tide, aircraft take off against the wind not going with it. If that "so called" master of knowledge hasn't touched all your buttons and you feel let down and cheated, it's because you probably have been. Don't let anyone ever tell you that your dream won't work, the greatest achievers in the world were told that including one President of the USA. Of course we have to be realistic too, but passion for what you want to do will pull you through, and if it turns out that it won't happen because of certain conditions / situations you will veer automatically into an area that will work. It's your story, don't let anyone else write it!!!!

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