Wednesday 13 June 2012


Life is a variable commodity one moment it's fabulous another we are faced with anxiety, stress, upheavals and an unknown future, where once we had an idea as to where we were going or aiming for then next minute we are really not quite sure as to the feasibility of it or indeed anything else. Within the happy moments and the mayhem which live close by to each other we have a style and a standard of living that we enjoy relatively well even if it's not ideal. We have our favourites and our likes and then we have a routine and all of that produces a degree of stability and indeed harmony too. But overall taking into account the rough with the smooth is there something that would enhance our lives appreciably without stepping into realms of fantasy or drawing up a wish list which then produces a stress factor because they are desires which we rarely fulfil yet never the less exist once we mentally commit them. An example of such is a chap came into some money and bought a Ferrari which he loved, yet he constantly got speeding tickets so the element of his desire became a burden rather than a blessing as he just couldn't keep to speed limits and in a high performance car it's just so easy to speed up without realising it. What we sometimes desire can in effect unleash elements within us that changes our concept and exposes our weaknesses that we didn't before realise were there or had never had put to the test before. It's a case of "all things being equal" and of course that doesn't exist, which is not to say that certain things can definitely enhance or increase our pleasures in life over and above what we originally thought of.

Sometimes we just go on in life and as long as it doesn't jar on us we accept where we are and allow it to continue, a bit like the "if it's not broken don't fix it" adage. Yet life isn't that constant and it doesn't have to be broken to want to make it better from where we are and in reality do just little bits to enhance our state of play, which has the effect of literally elevating how we think and feel. We are products of our environment so it's only natural that we should keep it well honed and in pristine condition for it to allow us to respond to our own values in life and enjoy what's best within our abilities. We all reside at different levels some quite basic some palatial it matters not, enhancement or change at any level does the same trick, it raises our inner self and that is always a positive step. Whether we are single or have a house full of pattering tiny feet that's not of any significance or consequence it again is making small changes whether colourful or subdude or changing this n' that and deliberately doing so as opposed to waiting for something to break or become shabby then having to replace it. Our physical deed of being pro-active is what propels us forward and stops the rot or decay of time overtaking us and then feeling that there is always something to be done because life is dragging you forward as opposed to you steering your ship. This has a very big psychological effect on us, which route or stance we take.

Most people expect life to get better, they have hopes for a better future and happiness, and rightly so, our hearts are in the right place and our intentions are linked similarly to that forward point where we can enjoy life whatever it is for us at that future time. However if we don't do something now, or don't affect some degree of ongoing change what we end up with is our mind going one way full of hope and ideas and a life going another with little or nothing happening, a real dichotomy of thought and deed. Keeping on top and keeping pace is essential even in frugal times where we tend to procrastinate more about investing in our lives. What we don't want to do is end up at that future date just "having put up" with aspects of life all along  that we could have changed and enjoyed just from being ultra cautious or waiting until a default situation arises then the creativity of life is greatly reduced. Our lives vary enormously and what some accept as good others see otherwise, there's no race nor competition what there is however is "us" and are we worth it, and that demands a degree of respect and not personal complacency for it that starts to leach into your life it will manifest itself subliminally in your outward character, which is an obvious retrograde step. Life is not an endurance as to how long can we make things last, or put up with conditions until we are forced to change, enjoyment is at the top of our list whatever that is to us, make sure you are pro-active in the enjoyment stakes, even little changes can reap enormous rewards.
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