Wednesday 6 June 2012


You have two choices in life you do or you don't, that accounts for our almost binary coding for decision making, do we or don't we, either way has repercussions and sometimes the 'ripple effect' takes over from such decisions, other times the backlash is minimal and fades into insignificance. Procrastinating veers on the side of NO we don't but it's a bit of a cowardly way out allowing circumstances to take control and then blaming everything and everyone that things aren't as they should be. Today our whole lives and what is around us is changing like never before, well it couldn't change before like it is now because we have never had technology developed to this extent and in ten years time what we have now will literally pale into insignificance. But what is changing and has nothing to do with technology to a large extent it is the human stance in life, and that has market repercussions. There is more corporate greed, dishonesty, subterfuge, deceit than ever before and this is across all sectors, aviation, banking, food stuffs, hardware, local authorities, you name it. And it doesn't stop there the deceit ravages politicians and on a global scale too, plus the underhanded deals and insider information and the proliferation of the rest. All this is not new to Africa and the Middle East where deceit and greed are part of the "rulers" way of life literally, why, because they can do it and get away with it, so it's almost cultural, and where life outside of this is viewed as cheap.

It won't be long now before we have real oil shortages, already there is a physical decline in output because the current massive reserves are past their peak and the development of alternative supplies of fuel are coming on stream faster than anticipated which is due to the hike in oil prices makes now alternatives competitive which not long ago there were not. Once the real dependence on oil starts to wane then the fun begins and the disruption to the Middle East and some African countries will bring home the fact that outside of this commodity which just happens to be there, it's not a technical creation of their own doing, they have absolutely nothing left to offer nor to support themselves. Public unrest world wide is the highest it has ever been and much of this has been caused by whichever party is governing not taking "real" notice of the low ebb reverberation throbbing all around them, so used are they to the old and traditional ways of governing, i.e. "what we say goes" but now finding it not happening. Unrest and mayhem will be something that is more common, not so much strikes but demonstrations pertaining to humanity and how people live and the aloof and pathetic governance of what makes people 'happy' or 'unhappy' as a nation.

Politicians talk the talk only based upon what consultants have fed them and what brief they have read, outside of that many are clueless and staid in their outlook and literally how people commune, work, mingle and access each other via the various strata's in which they live. Statesmen are nearly a thing of the past and global sparring and bickering is bland and dull and does very little for those on home turf. Giving away funds to look good on the international platform for health and education then charging your own people vastly increased tuition fees and giving reduced medical services isn't smart and goes towards the "unhappiness" of a nation greatly, lost in respect and is a part of the mayhem to follow.You wouldn't do this at home so why  do it elsewhere. Like a volcano public pressure builds up until it's released, then the politicians make out they were going to change all along and the opposition say similar stuff but all tell lies to cover their ineptitude, smugness, stupidity and ideas in a world that only they live within. Where National security whilst important has turned into an industry of the paranoid, where once proud nations are frightened of their own shadows. Our choices for a better life are ours via our votes, our actions, our deeds, our works, etc, sitting back is not a positive decision.

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