Tuesday 5 June 2012


It's a nice feeling to be understood especially if what you are recognised for is part of your personal make up, it's more than being recognised as a person - which is also very nice, but something more specific. We all have within us unique features that make us who we are, that sets us out from the rest, sometimes such features are very similar to others and sometimes they are completely way beyond the majority, which means we think on two different plains. Quite often those in the arts, sciences, strategic thinkers and those who see life differently, i.e. have a mind of their own, (not just opinions on life) fall into categories which at times alienate their thoughts from those of others. Sometimes their thoughts and concepts are so advanced that the every day pedestrian looks at them as weird or cranky or whatever it is they see themselves, often it's a negative reflection of their own lack of understanding. So called "out of the box" thinking can at times be disturbing or even frightening in that the brain cells fire together at multi-levels and come out with concepts and thoughts that exceed those of the average 'common punter'. Even many a large multi-national company falls fowl of it's own "gatekeeper mentality" and rejects exactly what they are looking for or what would greatly be beneficial to them. Different thinking is even beyond that of "Super computers" as their creativity is enhanced extrapolation very little else and at times it needs but one small lateral difference to produce drastic changes to both life itself and perceptions based upon same for the future. Many people like to think they are individuals and some get upset at the thought that others think they aren't!

Being different for some is a way of life and it can be both comfortable and exciting as well as lonely as one may come across those who understand but can't join in, which is the more common approach people find. For some there can be a craving to seek out "like minded souls" just to be able to talk to them and discuss life, the universe and points beyond, leaving mundanity way behind for a brief spell. And for some like the New Age mob who permanently seek the answers to why they can't be happy, healthy, understood and why others think they are weird, and, well - that says it all. And then there are the purely inquisitive who are seeking information but for personal enhancement more than anything else, they just like to know and feel rewarded at times by absorbing great amounts of knowledge based information and using that as a platform to move further onwards. Within the confines of understanding there are those that not only seek others of a similar ilk, they also seek validation a step which often indicates either a lack of self esteem or that they are on the right footing with their thoughts and perceptions but not quite sure, both are different and come from a different place.

We do not need validation or authorisation to be who we are although governments seem to think we do, it helps them control and understand better, but it also erodes freedom and once that is jeopardised you're finished. All today's advances come from free societies not the religiously controlled regimes nor the dictatorial countries which are often both the same. We do not need to be liked by everyone nor loved by everyone basically because we can't cope nor comprehend the statistics that make up the enormous numbers. We do however need to be liked and loved by a chosen few and if others admire us too so much the better but not essential. Our self respect, dignity, self esteem, self value and self worth should be paramount, we are entitled to it, what others think is for them we should never outsource like politicians do our own being for the sake of collecting kudos or we turn into liers as we can't be right to everyone all the time. We may be different, we may be very similar to everyone else, but who we are is us and that's is what makes us marvellous people and not 'designer driven' concepts that will ultimately drive our stability and metal health into a permanent nose dive. What our parents want us to be or anyone else regardless of their 'best intentions' can be counter productive. If there is a real love for anyone then the most you can possible ask is that they are happy regardless, anything more doesn't exist and reverts to selfishness of the self which is not about anyone else but the self.
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