Friday 29 June 2012


As pressures grow and people seem to want more magic in their lives or pills to pop to stave off reality or try and deal with it from a distance or indulge in the "blame culture" mentality as if to admonish themselves from just about all eventualities in life and smugly continue on their dull way forward, there are side effects which won't go away. We all know deep in our hearts what is right and what is wrong, we all have deep within what is moral and what isn't, we all have deep rooted in ourselves happiness not only for ourselves but others too, we can lie, cheat, pretend, but it doesn't hide the fact that we know otherwise. There are books, DVD's, television documentaries and seminars about "healing the past" or words to that effect, but there is nothing new and what's more whatever you do now regardless is not ever, ever, ever, ever, going to change the past. Nothing you do now is ever, ever, ever, ever, going to erdacate the thought or situation or happening or how you feel now because how you feel now is directly under your control. Atrocities of the past augmented in a different time line, under different circumstances, under different conditions with a different mentality cannot be absolved or made "alright" nor "healed" nor anything else, they were and are as they are history, the statement of "healing the past" is man made as it cannot happen as it has already been healed anything more at a later time is no more than PR.

All this business "we need resolution" - "then we can move forward" is modern day twaddle as "resolution" doesn't have any power nor access nor denial to a better life, only you can do that. If you hold a fictitious point in life as a benchmark that you cannot go further until that has been resolved then so be it, but make no mistake YOU have created it as it doesn't exist whatsoever other than in your mind. It's not that saying "sorry" or finding the "answer" isn't good, but if you are waiting for that you have literally put your authority in someone else's hands, which is pathetic and totally stupid, and makes you look pathetic too. By all means remember the dead and what good they did or what they suffered but this has NOTHING to do with God nor respect nor anything else, it won't change a single thing even if you yourself feel that is does, that's just you conjuring up that thought in your mind as a 'feel good' factor, but that's all it is, you don't get "bonus points" in life for doing any such thing. (Although it makes good press and TV coverage as they can drag up the past and regurgitate it all again). Similarly not so savoury deeds that happen within families that are made a feature of a 'dark moment' in the family and passed around do nothing whatsoever as to assisting the future to grow and be positive, feature making of memories speaks volumes of smallmindedness.

On a more personal level we all need to "feel" that things are right in life, we all dislike injustice, we all dislike the "bad guys" we all dislike unfairness, we all dislike deceit, we all dislike abject rudeness and bad mouthing, and we all like to know or feel that those that go against the grain are justly dealt with, despite the politically correct morons who see life from a different angle and have excuses for everything, and are in themselves a bane on society. By and large all of that does happen and even the police have to adhere to the stupidity of protocols and "I have my rights" which if you commit a crime should be waved immediately. We don't live in a perfect world at all and it's becoming more litigious and meaningless, however our own lot we can totally control and should guard strenuously and uphold because if we don't no one else will. Interference from others no matter "how well meaning" should be avoided as outside help often shares little of the bond others have between themselves and relationships that equal 100% can be as stilted as 90/10 and work perfectly, this is where "onlookers" even those who love you go way above their station in the advice stakes. Healing of our mind isn't a step in life, it isn't a protocol, it's what we decide to make it as it doesn't exist, even if one deep down seeks a degree of fairness to have taken place but hasn't so far. It will NEVER hold you back whatsoever unless you decide it will, speaking on behalf of the dead is not smart it's smug and conceited, taking on a statement of which you have no authority other than what you have bestowed upon yourself.

If what you seek, whether it's an apology, or sorry or admission of responsibility etc, is received it still hasn't changed anything towards the aggreived or dead, they will not have a better "after life" or whatever. And if they believed in God and you do then you must know all earthly atrocities are null and void in Heaven where truth and understanding and pure love exists. So it's YOU who is dealing as almost the "Devil's advocate" in trying to play God on an earthly scenario. It may appease you mentally but what most people find is when their plight has been acknowledged and they say "it can all be put to rest now" they find that within themselves there is an enormous void which never ever gets filled or quenched, appeasement is one thing of the self is another. Of course it's who and how we are that makes us do what we do and for what purpose, often the purpose isn't quite as straight forward as it's made out to be with hidden agendas and selfish motives to try and uphold the self and give a purpose also to the self using the cause as a conduit for something missing in their own lives.

Some people - for many reasons - culture is one of them, can never 'let go' of hurt and whilst they say they believe in God they don't otherwise they wouldn't say what they have done. Retribution and saying "God will punish you" are two elements that these cultures just can't seem to eradicate from their vocabulary, which is their biggest downfall and explains why they are failures and wherever they are in numbers there is permanent unrest. If you respect yourself then life is predominantly good, if you harbour negativity then you will reap exactly what you have sown. Being two faced isn't an answer to anything and it doesn't even bode well as to any healing of any kind especially the mind where it plays havoc. Your life is yours, don't build upon the past its gone for good, tomorrow is where you are to end up, make sure it's a good tomorrow, and never ever follow anyone else's dream or crusade.

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