Friday 1 June 2012


What truth there is today in what we read or hear varies enormously and how the facts are defined are usually more about who is saying what than the physicality of it as it is all so biased. There are predominantly three types of reporting or stating the facts all carefully designed to reflect the views of who is saying what and how they would like you to think of them. There is the political reporting from a politician, then there is the media reporting and then there is the personal reporting which can also vary enormously depending upon your degree of understanding or how hysterically defined you are yourself. The political view point say to the war in Afghanistan as a point in question is "We are going to overcome Al Queda restore Democracy and give power back to the people allow them to manage their own affairs" etc, which is rubbish as it won't happen in this century in Afghanistan, but that's political rhetoric (even if well meant) living in cookoo land. Then there is the media version on Afghanistan, "To date thousands have died people are without water and electricity is erratic in that the power supplies cannot cope with demand. Life is full of daily suicide bombers causing untold grief and anxiety etc", and so it goes on outlining all that's bad and inhuman which in an Islamic state is not difficult. Then there is the personal delivery and that you make up for yourselves as it can vary and you are a part of that variance and hold opinions yourself even if they are wrong from a total lack of defined knowledge. Most people think they are right based upon very little real understanding, but that's OK we all know that and as you have to live with your opinions that's OK too.
But where does it leave us all, getting so much confused information none of it totally inaccurate but all very biased and contrived. How do we assimilate it all and how far does it go to getting a decent picture of what is really happening, because political statements will veer well away from any negativity, media statements will highlight it, neither will meet in the middle, and the public will say what they want depending upon their pre-formed bias anyway. Life goes on and we have to do what we have to do but the very worst thing that can happen is that we become "armchair experts" like the political marionettes in the television debate programmes, all seemingly holding accredited positions and all constantly not daring to be totally honest for "fear of reprisals" and all getting it consistently wrong. It comes under entertainment so that's what it is. But as individuals we need to understand a degree of real truth, not a truth that harbours elements that is "not spoken about" but a truth that's less biased and covers a cross section of information not a heavily weighted section that is more likely to gain attention, even though like any news today it's all so hyped adding to the drama via their over stated failed Hollywood pros that it is all akin to a fashion of wallpaper rather than what it's meant to be. Where others suffer grief its fodder for the media, it's the basis of a news programme nothing more and one atrocity is moved on to another and then another, without them there wouldn't be any news at all, or it would be good news and that's the last thing stations want.

We can't help but pick up from the ambient wallpaper of the backdrop of life, we are observant to a degree and we have to meld that in with our own life and how if at all it affects us and where we are likely to go. After all we are the masters of our own ship and we have to steer it through a whole range of different tides, weathers and obstacles that are in our lives ahead of us, so it's only expedient that we want as much peace as possible in every area of our lives. And as war costs a load of money it makes the economy less vibrant and produces as a degree of melancholy too as death is almost an inevitable side effect. Our understanding in life is what makes a country what it is, hence Africa and the Middle East are incredibly biased towards a negative life that they bring on much of their own demise especially if it's religiously intertwined, almost the kiss of death itself. The happiness of a nation is reflected in the people, the people reflect their lives and what they know, if what they know is wrong they will in turn give out wrong signals and eventually the gap between right and wrong will cause a disruption that will bring on disharmony. When talking make sure what you say has truth in it an not just an opinion on it as the more you say something the more you will become attached to it and if the subject moves on you won't. Bias is a part of life, make sure that you are not taken in even with what resonates well within you or suites your way of thinking otherwise you'll end up out on a limb and the happiness factor will cease to flow.

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