Monday 4 June 2012


Whatever your belief, your understanding, your knowledge, your grasp on life there's always more, there's always that bit extra that you don' know of or what doesn't rest comfortably within so you tend to skirt over it and peddle the other stuff that more easily flows off the tongue or the pen. Then of course there is the self bias too, and your religious leanings they have a lot to do with your stability and failure rate, and some of the biggest religions have the biggest predominance of instability and failure, no guesses here. It's important that one understands too where life is taking us otherwise like the vast majority they will just follow and fail then blame everyone else like happens in the Middle East and much of Africa where hysteria is a part of life. It's almost as if wholesale happiness has been eradicated by religion that supports no one and that their God never ever helped anyone ever and where they have less success than all others in the world, they don't deserve it yet bring it on themselves. Believing in something that never happens isn't a way of life it's a sad indictment to indoctrination and nothing more. It also has resolutely massive drawbacks as the world speeds up, and believe what you like things are going to get far worse for many, even if initially nothing will seem to dramatically happen. But like many an illness it's there for a long time until it all of a sudden strikes and then sadly it's all too late.

Even in Western countries there will be enormous changes and structural disruption especially with many migrant families for if integration isn't on their agenda and they seek the status of misplaced persons, i.e. foreigners of identity living in another country then doom will be their only reception in life and the option to do a U turn will not be available as no one will want to know. Chances need to be taken when expedient not when one feel they have the luxury to suite themselves. Life does not carry passengers, nor does it suffer fools, egotists, religious or political stupidity. Whilst our climate is going through a new metamorphosis as it has done many times before, what's happening now is nothing new even if it's outlined to be a man made event. Much of the bias towards global warming and carbon offsetting and the like is commercially and politically backed and will result in the usual corruptness that's self created and failure and mayhem will result. It's not that we shouldn't be better placed and cleaner it's like everything else it's usually left to the incompetent and narrow to do what others don't want to do.

The global political speak of integration is but a facade and rifts, segregation, splitting apart, isolation, multi-level partitions, etc are already taking place by those that can and do and those that don't and can't. There is a definite shift to enlightenment in life a feeling of greater understanding and a knowledge of what 'it's' all about even if it takes into account a degree of a lack of complex understanding also. Evolution isn't a pretty picture outlined by school teachers at primary school, nor New Age Evangelists, nor whet Religious freaks who say what they think they ought to say as apart to what is expedient. It's all about being yourself today more than ever before as that will by default separate you out and allow you to further your cause without the dross of others who want to stifle and control and the inept politically correct who have no purpose in life at all. Blame doesn't have a place in life, even if there is truth in what it purports to be, blame isn't an answer that has impetus to going forward, what's done has been done progress is either moving onwards or rectifying what has happened to a degree, the past cannot be reversed but it can be forward amended. 

Celebrating individuality in today's society is a way or reducing unity, and to celebrate for the sake of it is a profoundness of diminished responsibility by those who have very little vision, understanding and foresight. It produces isolated individuals and communities that are less likely to integrate, to hold on to old ways, to feel negatively different and not be able to communicate with everyone else efficiently, it will separate out to produce outcasts and 'looked down upon' people many of whom will never recover the psychological onslaught. Celebrating diversity is fine for the educated but for third world immigrants they will come from one third world environment to creating another in the west and that will result in a massive "us" and "them" which is in evidence now. Enlightenment is the only way forward, but as politicians are themselves unenlightened little hope of that exists and for the main it will all only get worse in the foreseeable future.

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