Saturday 19 May 2012


Our lives comprise of a series of defined areas where we ourselves strive or aim to get to, many of them we succeed, and some are areas where life does its own thing and we end up as recipients of circumstances and weird situations at times also. It happens to everyone and there are no favourites nor prisoners taken in the process. We are as individuals entities of our own making, that is our minds are ours from day one until the day we die, and once we reach our teens we are basically 'on our own' as far as how we think via our individuality and where our perceptions of life are concerned. We can be well educated and stupid or we can be far less educated and very wise, neither wisdom nor stupidity are linked to education we need a modicum of each to go forward. Many is the time that creativity is born out of little education but the wisdom has allowed others to take over and uphold what the originator lacks, everything in its place. You can also end up as very well educated and become a television expert that talks a load of rubbish and gets it all wrong as what they think or surmise is basically based upon here say. The fluidity of life today especially with social networking and viral growth has almost eliminated extrapolations and the unexpected is now the expected.

Whether we like it or not we move on, life evolves and we get taken with it lock stock and barrel it's only when we decide to do something of our own volition that we can define more succinctly a future for ourselves and where we would like to be placed, even if it's a constant striving of modifications en-route. There is but one guarantee in life and that's death and here lies a whole load of conjecture as to the after life or the 'that's your lot' theory, options are always open. But whilst we are alive we need to do the best we can and that takes a great deal of personal dexterity in order to at least respect whom we are as individuals and be selective who we allow into our lives on our journey. Our sentient capability gives us feelings and a a purpose to keep going even if some don't exactly know why or possibly care, but it takes all sorts to make a world. Our progress encompasses many hurdles and also many joys too which we must never ever overlook by dwelling upon what wasn't that exciting as it will quell our focus and stymie our ability to proficiently enjoy tomorrow and the day after.
Countries move onwards but not neccessarily to better things, business move on and close down, areas move on and get demolished, and moving on doesn't automatically denote better, although in most cases the striving force is for better even if the end product is the opposite. Moving on at times is more of a metamorphasis in that what one moves on to bears no resemblance to the past or what was originally envisaged, it's therefor impertaive that one has an open mind to allow drastic yet far better changes take place than to hold on to the past and wollow in the detritus of redundant life being regurgitated for the sake of it. It's sometimers leaving our comfort zone that is the achiles heal and we dare not make those needed moves so life literally grates as it fights with potential and throws up an unstable present that has little if nothing to offer. Life can be good or it can be resilient and keep us firmly placed to where we are, we have the ability to change even if a little, and don't forget it takes a small pin to burst a big balloon. Similarly any small changes we make can have positive changes that we can enjoy ahead of us.

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