Saturday 5 May 2012


We predominantly live in two worlds the microcosm of where we live and spend much of our time and rest and have our family, friends and associates see as our hub, regardless of its status, it's our base even if we travel it's still where we go when it all ends. It's a world where we have much control and personal input and it reflects our taste and abilities too, or perhaps lack of them, never the less it's expressional in that it defines us. From that base we store our belongings, personal effects, and build and contact everyone around, it is "home", however you like to define that. And then we have the great wide world, that entity that's made up of billions of other individuals and governments and a whole manner of good and not so good people, it's a hotch potch of developing worlds and struggling worlds, and democratic worlds and demonic worlds and variances in-between. It's a space in which we command a small piece of land for a limited time then it's taken over by others on their journey in life.

Freedom is a right of man, freedom has made the developed world what it is, not perfect by any means but then man is not perfect so we should not look down this avenue of hypothetical conjecture as it will never be. But by and large the developed world and the free world does advance whilst the rest just take the spoils either by donation or for the more more wealthy areas they buy in as they create nothing themselves, whatever the score it's a sad indictment as to their status especially as it's getting predominantly worse. But for those who live and work and play no matter where they are their personal circumstances are shaped by their environment, the laws, traditions, cultures, habits, mind sets, food, education, religion(s), and over many years general temperament. Outlooks from all countries differs because of this and everything has a cumulative effect, immigration of one culture living in another is not necessarily positive. Nor is it transportable nor conducive nor compatible, despite the politically correct morons trying to form a flat earth and make it so, it doesn't work, hence we have had massive proof of it not working over protracted periods of time. It's one thing to celebrate diversity but at the expense of a lack of unity it's a fatal move in every respect. Unfortunately it's those who have suffered from a lack of freedom that tend to abuse freedom when offered and this too causes resentment.

For our own part however, how life unfolds can be a variance that we had never anticipated, it can hold untold areas of highs and lows that we sail through at one point and battle through at another. Our own stories that are rarely told hold so much that moulds and hones us into whom we are right now and that keeps on changing. As a race we are very resilient and have overcome much in the history of mankind, evolution is being made within our own life time as everything is speeding up beyond what history has dictated or any kind of extrapolation for the future. One thing is for sure and that is whatever is happening now we have to live the best we can for the moment or we not only lose our purpose but we lose our ability and grip on life too. Mental health of any country is as important as its infrastructure, for if its stability goes then so does it.

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