Friday 11 May 2012


Doesn't it appear today that nothing is exactly what it seems, that adverts selling things tell you how cheap they are then the small print ties you into subscription in order to be able to take advantage of such things. Telecoms companies are like that, disingenuous, greedy and deceitful. Cable companies woo you into what they have to offer yet to really enjoy it you have to almost pay a third or more to get what reaches the satisfactory level of comfort and possible usage. Every commercial company is at it, advertise cheap fares yet unless you can book 20 years in advance and take the first morning trip and come home on the last you are no better off at all. It's all small print and exclusions and omissions and not valid and exceptions and whatever else marketing can find to rip you off and try and call premium packaging to make you believe it's all worth while. Food manufacturers show large pictures of food on boxes and increase the size of their packaging to make you believe you are getting more whereas it's often less so that more profit can be made via the fickle punter. It's becoming dog eat dog in the world markets with the banking system still ploughing their way through customers bank accounts to gain more money for doing less, charging for premium account fees and offering products that are worthless and hardly usable. And all the watch dogs and regulators come up with is the same dull boring hype that means they are spineless and wimpish, fearful and cowardly, despite what they will tell you what they have done to date.

A Werewolf is a wolf but with human thought, it's deceptive and evil. No one likes to get less than they thought or to have bought an airline ticked to find at check-in they have to pay a whole shopping list of fees to move onwards. Whatever we pay for whether it's something cheap and silly or prestigious and expensive we do it for a reason and expect those behind the object or service of our desire to be honest and upright with what they are offering, it has to be "fit for use" and that doesn't include last minute essential costly upgrades nor anything more. We don't want hyped or disingenuous facades that have been processed by immoral people in marketing or those in PR who lie to distort what they have been hired for to make the bad news sound more palatable. It all comes out in the end, and whilst people are at times unfairly judged by their personal deeds as opposed to what fabulous things they did professionally, coming clean at least gains one respect, something that's almost unheard of today.

Having said all of that how do we as individuals fair up in the 'fair up' stakes? Are we whiter than white, blemish free, no faults, exemplary bastions of society, honest to a fault, etc. Because it makes a real difference as to how we move forward and how we both enjoy life and how life treats us. Of course we are humanoid and therefore we do have faults built in already, however we also have self restraint, morality, thoughtfulness, compassion, truth, understanding, love, humanitarian instincts for fellow man, etc, and fortunately most people abide by and large by these facets, not all some professions veer towards others dark areas in their versions of truth, as do some if not most religions. If we are not satisfied we must complain, not as a matter of course or to see what we can possibly 'get out of it' but genuinely and say why and say that you think you have either been "oversold" or "deceived" or what was on offer is beyond what is given, which is common with banks and airlines. (The advertising is ahead of the product). You can make a difference, you have no allegiance to any company despite the fact that thy run customer/consumer programmes, you are a number on a database with statistics no more than that. Human interface between such is rare although it does exist in some companies still. It's all about how you respect yourself, don't go around being aggrieved by being let down, state your case, then move on, it really does work, especially if you contact the media about shoddy service / products.

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