Thursday 3 May 2012


It matters not who you are or what you do there is always something in life that you are subservient to even if you wouldn't wish to admit it or even come close to thinking it could possibly be. But that's not important as we all have to live our lives and what others come to terms with or deny or ignore is up to them, after all they are the ones to live with themselves not us. Having a life that's fun and successful and full of potential and good things isn't that difficult unless you are apt to always think a negative way or bring whatever is said that's positive down to earth with a bang as if connected to a piece of elastic, some people are like that. But life is more than living each day the best you can, it's about being observant and intuitive about what is around you, it's understanding more than just the scenery it's being 'at one' with life itself in that if you live with a "me" and "them" attitude then life will start to pall. It's nothing to do with being nosey or nerdish it's just seeing where you are placed within the bigger picture, because that is exactly where you are, and if you want to progress then you will have to encompass areas outside of your own domain and knowledge, otherwise you will just 'tread water'.

Faced with gloom or boredom or stagnation or just that feeling that you don't know what to do to move forward can be self debilitating to an extent that it affects how you think and how you perceive life and  will eventually start to hold you back as your ability to make up excuses will rise considerably. Many people need a stimulus to spur them on yet generating that from within at times is a feat too far it sends the mind running around in spirals. It's thus important to keep the mind occupied not with the daily hysterically driven news that's fabricated and manipulated and devised to maximise it's current effect even if it's of no direct concern, it's who you are and how you fit in with life and what you are doing about it. As long as something positive is done then the potential impetus is kept alive, if there is a constant negative stream then there is every chance life will start to back up and become a frontier of great proportions that will eventually thwart you. Once problems arise your inner character the bit that's usually deep down starts to rear its heads, it can be good or it can be ugly, never the less whatever it is it will from that moment on start to shape your thoughts and feelings and possibly then lead to your downfall.

Overcoming obstacles, your own inhibitions, fears, regrets, false impressions (which are the worst) are not that difficult if looked at subjectively. Being positive in all circumstances should be second nature, smiling in the face of adversity and not taking on others ideas, problems, intentions that emanate from a negative or contrived source should be par for the course despite what may seem impossible at the time. It's the self courage that will win the day those that make something up via their narrowness will in the struggle give up and fall away, everyone has a limit, and if it's a negatively or selfishly generated version it will by its own volition gag and strangle those that perpetuate same. The light and the truth are there always even if clouded from view it's understanding this that makes a breakthrough that much sweeter and enlightens those that take on a mantle of their own smug self that fall by the wayside and realise that their own ego and  arrogance and smug values mean nothing except to pull the self into a quagmire that at times is difficult to get out of. The light shines even in the darkness the clouds move away and it's this understanding that gives a greater peace during the worst moments for nothing ever stays the same.

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