Thursday, 9 February 2012


The biggest problem you'll ever have to face is yourself, it's you that will have to deal with whatever besets and befalls you. It's you that will have to cope, pick up the pieces, come to terms with, move, shake, rattle, roll and whatever else lies ahead of you. It's you who will have to come to terms with whatever financial situation you have to face, whatever health problems you or those around you will have to face and any other problems that arise whether you are directly involved or not, how you react it is solely down to you. End of story. No matter how much weeping and sobbing and wailing and any other selfishly devised outbursts you start to do it will not effect one single bit what has happened and will only ward off the time you have in front of you to live a great life in spite of it all. Forget selfish traditions and group family moanings they solve nothing, it's all self indulgent and mean, and if someone has died then it makes it worse for if they loved you then they certainly wouldn't want you to be unhappy after they have left (unless they were selfish too). Yet at times the traditional drama that people go through is not a sign of respect nor anything else. Respect is for the living, not after the event when it's all too late. Showmanship at times of bereavement i.e. to make it seem you respect the dead by looking dead yourself is beyond being pathetic and takes the limelight of the bereaved so what does it make you or where does it place you as a selfish moron of the highest order.

Of course drama is part of some cultures as it telling lies and being deceitful, sad to say but it's true. Most of yesterday's cultures and traditions other than the enactment of certain colourful routines are retrograde and hold back and cause scorn, heartache, misery and effort just for the sake of it as none of it serves a purpose anymore. Today's society isn't any longer compatible with much of the past, like old computer software it doesn't work anymore, although there are many that go to great lengths to try and make traditions work for fear that if they don't they will lose something about themselves, and this eternal "my culture" aspect, which no one cares about but the self. The basic elements of humanity are love, truth, compassion and understanding which is across the board no matter where one resides or where one emanates from.

What we do in life and what happens to us can vary enormously, one day everything is going swimmingly well another it is completely the opposite, how we go about our daily life is down to us whether we choose to tell lies or be dishonest or deceitful is again a matter of choice, no excuses. We can apportion blame which there is a "blame culture" today, whether we get away with it or not doesn't hide the fact that it's us that's made the statement and that doesn't negate the truth. The more we do in anyone direction is how we tend to steer ourselves and subliminally once we engage on a certain route unless we put ourselves in check then we have embarked on a course that will or will not enhance our future. Our future life is facing challenges today that we had never dreamed of or thought would happen and areas of the past start to rear their ugly head, regrets and remorse are far too late, the present is what it is. That's not to say one can't alter ahead what could be in store - should we play our cards right - but what has been dictated by the past is what it is. We always feel that by a certain time we could be this or that and often that's the case but sometimes not quite as we anticipated and not always on our terms or not what we thought it would be like. Everything we do in life has to be processed by the self, how we react or come to terms with it is solely down to us.

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