Tuesday 8 May 2012


What separates those that are reasonable from those that are not reasonable, those that have vision against those that just think and do nothing, those that 'see' life as opposed to those that just view life, those that watch daytime television and those that are making a difference, those that write about life and those that just get on with it. Because the biggest difference is that one group are observers who live life as a routine and the others create life as a matter of wanting to achieve by developing and often go against the grain and the established 'safe' brigade who have every good intention but achieve little or nothing when it comes to furthering any cause. Life is what it is, it doesn't just present itself for your scrutiny it's a myriad of options and gambles and designer lead thoughts and gut feelings, it's a plethora of unlimited variances and twists and turns. Life has a habit of allowing the unexpected to meld with the carefully thought out plans and thus immediate redesigning and rectifying needs to take place to keep all on track and under control.

With the exceptions of having an arrogant streak or an ego problem, never allow others to talk you out of what you want to achieve because nine times out of ten they share nothing whatsoever with your desires, creativity, motives or further up the ladder your ambitions and higher inner drive. And whilst those that one talks to might well understand what you are saying that's about as far as it gets for thereafter their own fears, insecurities, personal lack, fear of failure, past failures, and any other inhibitions start to reign in and produce negative comments. One should never ever ask the opinions of anyone no matter who if their own expectations are less than yours, never ever. Be bold, be brave, be out there, never listen to the armchair experts as they are only proficient in talking, be selective in what you say to whom, mingle with many and take in the overall stance, but never argue your case against the dross in life. If what you have to say doesn't resonate well move on, you are not the 10 minute entertainment for others. Just about every single success story has been fraught with the meddlers, the short sighted, the intellectual idiots, the feint hearted, the gross ignorant, the gatekeepers, the bureaucrats, the jealous, the bullshitters, the envious, the wannabes, and those that want a free ride in your dream, none of this is your concern for being strong within will attract those that will help and eliminate the rest.

"Out there" are like minded souls, people who are seeking "you" no matter what it is or what you do, there are people who are conduits, people who are catalysts, people who are saged information links, every sort of person who you need to know is out there and with the right stance you will find them or at times they find you sometimes though the most weird routes and scenarios. Never ever underestimate  those you think have little clue in what you do they could in fact just hold the vital key. Being reasonable is a mark of a mature and refined society, something that's not in evidence in third world countries or some races or cultures, hence they are as they are. But like everything in life there is at times a 'flip side' when the opposite is key to making the earth move and shake beneath your feet. It's at these times that being unreasonable i.e. going against general or common thought is not only necessary but essential to turn placidity into something that holds value, purpose and distinction that has a presence far beyond 'average' and it always turns out that those who originally scorned a project now want to be a part of it.

You don't have to be a global mogul to be "audacious" in your deed of accomplishment, you don't need media praise or some industry magazine to applaud what you do, nor do you need a following of onlookers to give you support. You need to just stand your ground, smile when it all goes wrong and smell the fresh air of achievement when it all goes right. Do it for you if nothing else that way your focus is within all the time. One sees on TV Talent shows people singing or acting etc and they say 'I'm doing this for my mum or daughter' or whatever, and if they died would you stop and never do anything, this is whet media talk and never fall into following such. Do it for you then what spoils you get you can apportion what you need to do after all it's your talent your decision your success your journey your ups your downs, your everything. Take it all on board, being 'audacious' with it it's about you don't be frightened and the results will fall into place as your strength will be picked up by those that matter. Do it for you and you've already raised the barrier to success.

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