Thursday, 5 April 2012


More than ever people are trying to carve a life out for themselves based upon what isn't going as well as they perceive. Better house / flat, clothes, car, spending money, entertainment, gadgets, tv-phone-Wii-Xbox, the list is endless. And of course that base thought about the 'self 'and their relationship or getting one, and not everyone is set out to be a couple despite that they think that would make life complete for them, no it wouldn't. Stick to a "best friend" that way you won't be able to fall out because of not getting your own way or reluctantly having to frequently compromise - which you wouldn't like. It is difficult for many people to gain a better access to a life standard which they deem that they are worthy of than they have at this present moment, but often the change is an internal adjustment rather than an external acquisition, even though that would prove a nice thing. There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying to get a better stance on life after all it's there awaiting so it's not always pie in the sky, it can be real. But often the striving negates the present and if that happens to be the case then real instability of personal understanding starts to take over and what could have been good in the present is reduced to mediocre. Our mental attitude also plays a vital part in life and as to our enjoyment of it every day and not just certain aspects of it with somewhat bland times in between.

Depression, anxiety, boredom, lack of fun, lack of real camaraderie, lack of heartfelt warmth from a significant other / friends. Lack of silliness, lack of personal conversations at all levels with those you can 'talk to' and empathise with, being told off by your best friend - because you really haven't got one, sharing, etc. All these things make a significant difference to the quality of life for the individual. No matter who we are and whether we have 100's of 'so called' friends all over the globe there are those few or one that makes life just so much more enjoyable because you love them. We are all different but our basic needs are very similar, and whether we are globetrotters or sedentary that 'anchor' makes a difference. Our perspective on life and our attitude defines who we are, and those struggling already find that the going can get to an intolerable level because their base understanding in life isn't there. If focus is predominantly on 'hardship' it's difficult to opt out of that mode when faced with it, but if the subtleties of humanity are not there then real desperation and irascibility of the mind becomes more than real and develops into a place where life becomes cruel and the 'way out' seems none existent.

Despite the physicality's of what each person may or may not have life is relative and happiness isn't subject to comparisons nor is it a product of what is to come or may come along. Families can find life at times a struggle if not financially more mentally seeing their young grow into young adults and all the aggressive social problems that they face at increasingly younger ages than they did years ago. Manufacturers and advertising agencies are merciless at recruiting new recruits hoping to wean the impressionable and immature on to their products. They deny this but they are liers. Your children are to an extent a product of your parentage as indeed you are, failure often starts at home in a whole manner of areas, selfishness is almost borne in the home and is not a redeemable asset to have as it stultifies goodness and communicational skills. Whether we are going through a recession or good times it makes no difference to the happiness factor if it does it shows what a chameleon you are and your own susceptibilities to life. There are more "millionaires" made in times of recession than actually in the 'good times', and more creativity is in evidence too. If we need better there has to be a reason other than "just wanting it", if better is an accessory or an adjunct to life it will lose its ability to support our emotional needs, if it's deemed as an essential then we have to enjoy what we have now otherwise our emotional contact with it will forever thwart where we are currently living.

We create our own reality, thus we can either live and like life, even if not perfect or we can forever create an ambient struggle that we have devised and rarely try to accomplish as it's on a wish list more than a physical desire. Sadly today few people actually live their own lives according to what they want to do, it tends to be a homogeneous structure of bits from everywhere else which doesn't totally rest well within and causes an on-going instability and a feeling or unrest without cause.Trying to make like work doesn't work, you literally have to make it work then it works, trying is the journey which for most is a smart theory, making it work is a deed of sheer progress and determination, winners and losers.

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