Tuesday 3 April 2012


Many people never ever reach their full potential because of perceived thoughts, ideas and perceptions of other people. Logically it's all very pathetic as to why one should even remotely want to take up the thoughts of someone else especially those who have no connection or dependence upon you or you on them. Whether it's family, friends, colleagues, so called "smart people" who always get a version out on something that has glaring holes in their take on it but can never see them themselves. Or just perhaps it's even worse and the bottom of the pit in life is a version by the media itself, that's a 'no brainer' and if one has to resort to that as a reference then it's already goodbye to original and unbiased thought. One thing that no one else on planet earth can ever do is walk in your pathway nor think nor feel what is going in your mind even if they at times come close to it. So whatever they have as an idea which could well be accurate the nuances that make you and them different could make a world of difference to the final execution, delivery and success of what ever it is that you need to accomplish.

We are all different as people, we can have a brilliant mind yet be timid and fragile as a person or we can be the opposite and be as thick as two short planks but have guts and an overt determination to do whatever we feel, whether it's successful or not is another matter. What does make a difference to us going forward are factors that are crucial to the outcome of our desire and the result of same. Stability, love and clarity, for without these our inner equilibrium is forever flitting from one thing to another like bees collecting pollen from the flowers, and as we get older the esoteric nature we have become accustomed to starts to drag us down and then crankiness often takes a hold. Creative people are usually on the edge already but life circumstances whilst being enjoyed to the full in early life takes its toll later on.

Our barriers are just that, they can be numerous in variety or they can be few yet very stubborn to the fact that they hold us up time and time again sometimes overtly and sometimes directly within as we start to fear aspects of what we are doing and allow our minds to free fall into an abyss which cause untold consternation. Intelligence has no bearing upon common sense, and often people get sucked up into both an ideology of where and whom they are at a time in their lives, it gives them a purpose, sometimes blinkered yet they think they see through it - they don't - they see what they want to see, and everyone around them sees it but themselves. The difference between self esteem and arrogance can be minimal even though they come from different places, if not correctly honed and monitored the 'self' will allow either to be misconstrued and thus negate what the outcome should have been.

There are those in life that are only too willing to comment upon anything and everything with a logic so strong in their own mind that life at times is literally black and white, and they fail to understand why others can't see it that way. Such though which is often highly developed is a massive failure as it allows a disconnection with the emotions of society and personalities within it, mainly because emotions are treated as a logical feelings and not as personal effusive emotions pertinent to individuals, this has relationship conflicts too and spurns the 'happiness factor'. Whatever others think or feel is for them, what your views are are for you, rightly or otherwise, the word respect has an immediacy here and it's the art of getting along with others and ultimately ones ability to communicate with others at all levels.

Education and ability have strong points where determination comes into the fore, although not exclusively. Family backgrounds and culture also and at times sadly to a negative degree lowers ones abilities as do "religious" biases which are for the main the "kiss of death" as they are constructs of man and nothing to do with God. One only has to look at the predominant countries and their religions to see what the difference makes and their genuine contribution to society and the world, even though it's all far from perfect. Free societies grow, constrained societies and those that are historically corrupt remain in turmoil and usually with an underlying anger which is a self frustration about themselves and allows continued failure to be a prevalent feature.

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