Saturday 7 April 2012


Endlessly chewing over the past, ruminating over the present and regurgitating the failures, staring at the closed doors, reminiscing at all the endless cul de sac's that you've come across guarantees just one thing, you're never ever going to get a break because you're looking at the past. The future whatever it is is there for you, but if your mind is focused upon other negative things then you are sadly going to miss out on the opportunities, the openings, the entrances, the open doors, the conduits, the fast tracks, the quantum leaps and all the rest. Life is looking forward as that's the direction you are travelling. So many people view life and what's in it as a series of insurmountable events based always on the past or even hereditary conditions or self created visions of fear that stymies all before them. Problems as we perceive them are events that we identify as not being conducive to our need or cause, so that in itself is debatable as to whether it's a problem or not or how we are mentally placed to take remedial or appropriate action to move forward making our perceived problem a thing of the past. Problems vary in magnitude and proportion and thus they happen in our lives and those of others daily, sometimes with devastating consequences others with consequences of little merit that we bolster up and cause to be out of all proportion, this is how we take on board our own thought process and value, selfishness has a great deal to play in how we deal with anything in life.
Today's increasing "blame culture" is an option that many take to both absolve themselves of any connection to the problem other than to seek the "victim mentality" and at the same time try to solicit the sympathy vote so hopefully someone will try and tackle their problem for them. It seldom works as this route implies deeply within that your own value is of little worth and that your future is not going to be of any worthwhile substance, i.e. life is going to be a struggle hopping from event to event to try and get by. It's got to be said that problems aren't the best thing to happen to us as they nearly always take a bite out of our plans and fill our minds with thoughts of immediate change or even re-routing what we had planned to take in the extra work needed to get back on track again. Having said that the adage "every cloud has a silver lining" can in many instances work to our long term benefit if we have an open mind as to what's happened and not make everything that doesn't go our way as a drama, which some do and some cultures definitely do. The more of an even keel we can keep our thoughts on the better life always is as we can then enjoy the highs and not get bogged down in artificial lows which has a tendency to permanently make us sceptical about life in general, and then we lose out by default.

Whatever besets and befalls us integrates us into the situation, whether it's a car accident, a bereavement, our washing machine spewing water all over the floor, or our TV breaking down just before the favourite late night movie we have been waiting to see. Or that a strike with the airlines has curtailed our long awaited and saved up for holidays, or just before we embark on our house extension we are made redundant, or our beloved partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness, problems exist in all shapes and sizes and are as real to the individual regardless of their magnitude, comparisons are a useless linkage. How we deal with our lives is how we enjoy them or get by ourselves, if we forever tell all and sundry about our problems or indeed anyone who will listen we quickly lose our ability to cope as we give our problem gravitas and thus it starts in our mind to becoming a living reality which takes on a mantle of its own as opposed to a passing incident.
Whatever involves us needs to be remedied, procrastination only increases the stress factor and aggravates the final act of rectification. We are always part of the problem otherwise there wouldn't be a problem, it's how like everything to do with us we deal with it and mentally place it in a pecking order that makes it workable and effective in its execution or long term understanding. If we don't find mental solace it becomes a nightmare of Hollywood proportions which we then have created a scenario that we have to live by and that in itself will have consequences that will ultimately implode and bring us down even further. We must however never ever lose sight of the good things in life, and the conversations that many put out such as "how can I see good things in life when I'm going through this" etc, or words to that effect just goes to show how narrow mindedness of the self can effectively bring one down and form a platform of unhappiness that may be there for ever. Ingrained thoughts are at times the most difficult to shift and people who create them tend to hold on to them as a crux for their entire future life. We are an entity of our own making, like it or not the smile we have on our face may cover up a whole multitude of unsavoury incidents, but those that make the effort to smile regardless do enjoy the best of what life can bring as opposed to the worst others create themselves.
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