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Let's start from the beginning, we are all different every single one of us on planet earth, even if we appear similar as twins do, we are different. But being different is also a very subjective thing as many people especially the young and vulnerable want to look or emulate someone else or fear that they don't match up.They have a desire to be "the same" for some reason even though they know they can't be ever. There is today a whole culture of "wanting to have" or "needing to have" sections of the public often educationally low, but not always the case, that companies play on to try and secure sales at any cost, and it is at any cost, despite their PR - which is usually a pack of lies. If it's not a pair of costly trainers or perfume / after shave, or a certain brand, then it's an experience from drinking a super alcoholic drink that will not only get you into the mood but elevate life to a level that you can't imagine, which sometimes happens as they ultimately arrive in casualty having their stomachs pumped and lacerations from a fight or a fall. Something which was not on the night outs agenda. And yet at the same time we read in the self same publications that pour out the "must haves" and the "sameness" packages, articles on "individuality" or "dare to be different" and whilst we all understand the commercial nature of such organs one wonders if those that put it all together indulge in eating their own vomit as a way of being different and the same at the same time.

But moving onwards from all of that, for the majority of people individuality and identity only goes so far, they are neither gifted nor blessed with anything wondrous that separates them from anyone else, or if they are they don't do a thing about it which amounts to the same thing. They only veer forward in stages and in controlled moves for fear of "what others will or might say or think" or that they will stand out too much or whatever it is that will identify them over and above everyone else. There's nothing wrong with this stance at all, if it floats your boat fine, if it doesn't but you've ended up there then there is something within you that's held you back. You don't have to be significantly different to be a wonderful mum or dad or a loving person over and above just who you are. A significant number of people actually get frightened by people who are different often wondering what they may or may not do or say or suddenly jump up and enact something that embarrasses them. Then there are the "followers" those that actually like the zaniness of those that are different as it gives them a buzz and feeds into what they lack themselves, often appreciating the zany company and encouraging it for the best of reasons. It takes all sorts to make a world and it takes everyone to do what they have to do and be a part of life's rich pattern and understand same. There's no getting away from the fact that we attract those similar to ourselves or those who we feel comfortable with us even if they are not the same because we appreciate too their inner sincerity.

Whether it's good to be different or not is something else, many in the media literally create "being different" and have a back up flotilla of serfs and hangers on who are paid to inflate whatever they do. But really different people are just that and don't often think themselves as such because they have always been like that, it's just at certain times in life they have the opportunity to "go for it" big time and that enhances and often nourishes their inner being at an opportunity arising. Being different for some can be a nightmare for others it's just par for the course but most people actually like being different even if they are not readily understood or are viewed warily. Communication problems often develop with those deep thinkers and at times are as such viewed as "funny" or a bit eccentric or even a bit of a novelty as there is a loss of mind transference from original thought to the transcended or delivered thought.

Being different often raises points and issues that spring to mind in our current daily lives that others either never see nor feel the need to identify with as the message is either too deep or doesn't have a baring upon how they think in general. Furthermore most people who are "different" to a substantial degree can often see into others thoughts and conversations which can at times unease people as to their minds being read, which is not always the case, but what we say subliminally and don't often realise is that our delivery sets many tones about us and the content of conversation over and above the pure sentence at conversational level. People who are different by nature not by design often can appear slightly "out of it" or "aloof" at times, as if their minds were elsewhere and even appear a little "dippy", which is a relatively common trait, yet totally inoffensive. Being different can also happen as an act of life through injury or illness and similarly ones stance changes as one comes to terms with life from a different perspective and understanding often it actually heightens all previous perspectives and views and levels of compassion. Wherever one resides it makes no difference in that we have to do what we have to do, and that's when we make our mark on life and that's where most people excel, whatever excelling is to each individual.

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