Monday 11 June 2012


Whatever your beliefs, your thoughts, etc, it changes nothing to the physical fact that you have within you a spirit that lives concurrently with every breath you take. The complexity of the human being is astounding, a bio-chemical mass that is intricately put together, or rather grown together to form whom we are. It's not only a miracle in itself even if blase scientific explanations make it sound simple, we are here a complexity of science living in a complexity of science, our world, both the greater physical world and our inner world, the one which is forever private, personal and unique to ourselves. That spark of life that makes us do what we do and fosters a drive to commune with other humans and bring about development, understanding and to a degree in civilised worlds harmony. The human being is by and large a "herding creature" despite the fact that it's vogue for everyone to "want their space" the biggest problem facing many is in fact loneliness and frustration. We need to feel that there is a value to life, a purpose and that there is something ahead of us or that "what's it all about" feeling starts to emerge which quickly destabilises us and that in turn causes endless mental and physical problems. Nothing in life no matter what it is exists in isolation, there are always causes and repercussions.

Our state of mind is everything, forget intelligence, knowledge, as neither automatically mean one has common sense, many an expert or professional in one or more subjects is screwed up personally and that brings life is to a low ebb and renders itself almost worthless. We are all different as people and have different trajectories in the way we want to go forward, some are almost self sufficient within to move on their own accord, some need every bit of help and push and incentive they can get, and the variance in-between runs wide. However what we do have within is both 'happiness' and that 'feel good' factor ability, it's with us whether we use it or not, and it's linked to the brain, so we can decide whether to turn it on or off. Granted bad news makes us feel initially not so excited and good news raises our spirits, but we still have the ability to make decisions based purely on being happy or acceding to circumstances and reacting accordingly and deciding to be sad or unhappy.

We see in advertising the word "spirit" it is commonly used as to denote a heightened experience or feeling, we even say 'low in spirits' or 'they are very spirited people', etc. The dictionary definition of "Spirit" is thus :- "the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating  the body or meditating between body and soul" and "the incorporeal part of humans; present in spirit though absent in body". That vital element in our higher life form, the ability we have that can elevate our whole being subject to us allowing it to happen and living with a degree of lightness within. If we at all start to think negatively then our elevated processes are subject to a down grading, if we try our best despite what may beset and befall us to see the good in life then we will succeed, we will overcome. Of course there are those who go on courses and buy DVD's and downloads or read books on our "spirit" hoping that saged words of wisdom by someone else will suddenly propel them forward and all will be well, and of course that won't happen. There's no free lunch and admonishing yourself of doing anything for yourself by yourself it tantamount to sheer stupidity. If you can't think better thoughts then no one can do it for you, it's that simple. The beauty about human life is it has "free thought" (forget religious repression - not God, religion)) what we think is powerful stuff in that we can decide how we live, if we put our thoughts into a negative mode then we will reap a negative harvest if it's in positive mode then the sky is the limit. If you don't believe that then the chances of life becoming better may have already passed you by.
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