Sunday 22 April 2012


There's more deceit and role playing within families of certain cultures and religions that actually defies the reality that they are in fact telling and living lies. They purport to be good and honest and upright citizens whereas they are anything but. They go and pray yet within their own families people don't talk about certain subjects or live "secret" lives so that they can for a brief moment be themselves and enjoy life and still comply with the "Hitler Syndrome" mentality of their two faced parents and other siblings. Such people are weak as are the societies and religions that people fear more than love, where real love, unconditional love sets people free and is the epitome of God in all His glory, not some barbaric person who likes people to suffer or feel hurt or be eternal failures. Of course to some extent every religion has it's judgemental bigoted subscribers and it's whiter than white family members who are almost living a life beyond hypocrisy and could easily be advocates of the Devil himself. Most of the worlds troubles are based upon religions and in fact terrorism is almost the sole entity of one religion only to the tune of 96%. Most of the poverty in the world has inhabitants of one religion, and the biggest failures stem from it too.

It's sometimes easy to feel that one must keep up appearances and to some extent that's also true, no one wants to be with selfish or miserable people as it never gets anywhere and positivity is the only answer to success no matter what you are talking about. If you believe in God then you must know that belief is the ONLY aspect that's going to bring you closer to Him and that it's also the foundation of truth. If you live a facade at home then your religious aspects are nothing but lies and rubbish and an insult to truth. But then it's your life and if you want to go to Hell telling and living lies then so be it, it's no one else's business but yours. However on a better and more upbeat note most people want to enjoy a life free from any facade and pretention they want to be accepted just for whom they are and what love they have within. It's certainly true that those without love deep within are not religious as they continuously judge and whinge and criticise and shun and talk with an air of self proclaimed authority that's hollow, shallow and insincere. Love is the universal aspect of man kind,  take away love and you are almost left with a robot or a drone, something / someone who just lives to live without a purpose, like religious people do. And by religious it doesn't mean those who believe in God, it's those who subscribe to man made religions that are full of flaws and like sheep to slaughter follow blindly, until they are slaughtered too (which is happening already).

Wherever you are you must be yourself, a facade is OK as long as you can keep it up, but in the end it starts to pall, it starts to get to you, it starts to restrict you, it starts to control your mind, it starts to fragment your thoughts and what you would like to do, it starts to cause internal unrest and external distrust, it starts to break your resolve and brings with it little secrets about you and your groups of friends that you keep separate, in short it just shows as a person that you really stink. It takes the edge of off life, it inhibits success, it inhibits progress, it inhibits creativity, it inhibits real friendship and love, it inhibits the self development and real happiness, in short it reduces you to a stupid nerd that can't be themselves yet at the same time can't be anyone else either as that person doesn't exist. One doesn't have to shout from the rooftops about who you are but being who you are is who you are meant to be. And for those whose parents that are so selfish and self centred then what creatures are you living with that have self pride over love and the well being of their children. Life is not always easy but self devised 'make beilieve' is being cruel beyond belief, and where did it stem from and what God subscribes to a lying two faced family?  You have within you to be who you are, so you never have to ever deny that or you are lying again to yourself and those around you.

You have within you everything you need to be happy, successful, truly great and show the natural love within. You have the opportunity to be and do what you will within the law, you don't have to take false ideals, deceit, corrupt ideologies, selfishness. You don't have to be the underdog for those who seek to inflict it because by default they are less human than they wish others to see. You don't have to be substandard to those who are wanting to commandeer your life for their sake because they are neither worthy of it nor have any worth either. You don't have to put up with religions that never ever do anything for you other than make you feel guilty or hear about how evil your God is, despite those around talking of love but never ever showing it. There's NOTHING people fear the most than the truth, it scares the pants of them, it terrifies the weak and pathetic who have nowhere to hide, and it embarrasses those who get caught out to an extent they at times literally can't get over how inhuman they were, but they had their choice and still never took it to make amends. The truth is powerful stuff, use it to your advantage and make those squirm around you, you have nothing to fear but greatness ahead of you. Those who utilise fear and manipulation fall with the biggest bang when exposed as once their facade is exposed they crumble to the rancid dust they really are. Never fear confrontation with the truth against the reality of those who are lying, always make sure others know what you are to say if it's a mighty step as that in itself is enough insurance to make even the high and mighty topple like ice in the mid day sun. You are entitled to your life you are not owned nor the property of anyone else. Your mother carried you because she loved you, if she didn't then you're best without her. Don't ever let anyone emotionally black mail you into not being yourself or getting you to be beholden to them, where love is concerned you are literally free.

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