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Decisions, decisions, decisions, should I do this or that, should I go here or there, should I stay in or go out, oh the choices of a single person, the choices that at times they have to wrestle with just to try and keep themselves occupied and do something to try and alleviate that feeling of boredom or stagnation or even reverting to laziness. Of course age plays a very influential part in what one does in life and the experience one has attained to date so those that haven't done much see everything as a feat of dexterity and those that have done a lot see it as an option. Couples see life as something different as they "should" be considering their relationship as "we" or "us" and if you don't you aren't a serious couple or there is a convenience built into the relationship over and above than supposedly common denominator love. Loveless relationships are forever growing hence they never last and when the real thing pops us it just proves that what you were going through wasn't up to much, and in fact you weren't up to much for kidding yourself that what you had was of value, it wasn't.

The Multiplicity effect is more of a status of today where original and free thought is more intermingled with ego, the self and how we appear to others. It's all interlaced with separating our minds between work which keeps us occupied and that free time we covet yet at times lavishly waste on doing nothing but thinking a lot about or worse still want others to think we are busy, occupied, having a great time, enjoying life when it's all quite the opposite. A lot of this life reposting goes on and it's not necessary as over time it literally clouds our thoughts and causes bouts of insecurity and aggravation and even sad or unhappy moments when internal reflection can't think of a solution as to how to change it all. The worst thing we can do and this is common too is to think we are smart and know more about living and life than others do, because with that statement in our thoughts we miss out terribly on companionship, even events that engage us and we lose the ability to "feel" life we just experience it from an intellectual point of view which then leaves us feeling cold and awaiting something else ahead to give us the boost we want. Many people even feel torn between wanting to be with someone for company but be on their own at the same time, and even get really phased out by making arrangements themselves preferring forever impromptu happenings as they then feel free, but sadly still empty within even if a moment has been filled.

Of course we are all different, but our feelings resonate just the same way, we have emotional needs some more than others but we still have them and if those are quashed or not fulfilled then we start to wander off course and hypothesise about everything around us which then we really start to "lose the plot". Often we have an "idea" of whom we are which is our version of whom we are and it could well be very near to that of how others perceive us, but from afar, and it's that "from afar" aspect that really makes a difference between us living with ourselves and our perception of life and us in it and those who like / love us for the bits they know, which is quite a different thing. Living a full life can be a myriad of different things to different people, just because one is exceptionally busy and gets around doesn't mean it's more fulfilling it just means one gets around and is exceptionally busy. The fulfilment aspect is very personal so everything needs to be viewed in perspective and it's all circumstantial too. Being honest with the self is paramount to one's enjoyment of life, even if at times it seems to be slow and dull, nothing is ebullient all the time, and our attitude and what's ahead of us makes a difference to our 'hope' factor as we can then plan or pre-plan where we are going to go as opposed to treading water and looking at a nothingness in front of us.

Life's harmony is all around, we choose to see what we want to see, and where some are oblivious of their surroundings and situations others are absorbing beauty and the vibes of what to them makes life worth living. Some cultures are "cultured" and educated into what is available whereas others are so wrapped up in themselves and taboos that they are predominantly insular and forever being subject to unhappiness and negative events that they attract. For every individual being yourself isn't a "smug statement", that is saying it and then worrying about not being able to carry it out, it's a harmony of the self that allows you to walk amongst the many and not be affected, few have this ability of oversight and feeling. Whatever it is many people can greatly improve their lives by letting go of the self constraints they at times wrestle with in order to try and keep their perceived status, sad because you lose yourself to conjecture and then nothing that remains is that good anymore.

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