Monday, 20 February 2012


Firstly you've got to decide who you are, that is where you came from, not the biological story but you as an entity in life itself, because this makes a massive difference as to how you think and feel and interact with life and everyone in it. It doesn't matter what conclusion you come to, but whatever that conclusion is, is where you place yourself, and only you live in your mind, so what other people do or don't do is for them to come to terms with not you. If you believe you are a mistake which a lot of people do, and it shows, i.e. you believe in the Darwinian theory that you have evolved and are as such of no value, when you die that's your lot, then your  minuscule life the bit in between in relation to the billions of years of previous universe existence and that to follow is as if nothing had happened and you are a waste of time. If you believe in God then there is a purpose, not religions as they are all rubbish and man created and as man is imperfect so is the result, just look at Islamic countries around the globe and the eternal mess they are all constantly in.

As a package we arrive skin and bone and stuffed full of an enormous array of veins, tissues, nerves, ligaments, liquids and processing units like kidneys, liver, lymph glands, a motor- a heart and a processing unit our brain which has sensory capability of ears, eyes, nose, mouth and nerve functional control, and in reality a whole lot more. That's us in a nut shell, we have a "sentient" capability and we have an inbuilt ability to love, which separates us from everything else, for without love we are but robots just living to live. We also have far beyond this a spiritual awareness, even the worthless Darwinians have this too, although they tend by and large to suppress it for fear of alienating their theories of science which is their "saviour" and should that be proven not correct then all would fragment in an instant, which for many wouldn't be a bad thing.

We have every chance in moving forward regardless of how we were brought up, granted certain areas of the world don't provide any real platform for advancement but that's part and parcel of man's own conceited ability. Such as is evident in Africa and the Middle East, forever relying on outside support because those inside government are in it for themselves and are also inept and riddled with either "religious" rubbish (fear based and evil) or gross greed, syphoning off the available wealth for their own aggrandisement. But moving closer to home, "the self" we are remarkable creatures in that we can make a good and great life for ourselves, how we do it and how we think for ourselves is purely based on our perceptions of what happens around us. We are not all equal in the mental processing department nor our physical aptitudes. As soon as we realise our capabilities and our limitations we have a great base upon which to start whatever it is we need to do. That doesn't mean that we don't have to push ourselves forward, break free from our comfort zones, be uneasy about moving onwards, make far reaching decisions, etc. However many people make up stuff and hide behind self created barriers full of excuses and opt out clauses and admonishing themselves from reality, blaming circumstances, in fact blaming anything they can put into the equation. We can even compare ourselves to others, another stupid mind game saying that "it's all right for them but in my case it's different" that's also pathetic and rubbish and contrived. Live up to how you are and not how you would like to think you are, fooling yourself or being precious isn't an answer that will get you anywhere other than bring you down.

Our minds are capable of many things if we don't ground them in circumstances or others problems, no matter who they are. Being free in "spirit" allows us to see the bigger picture and all the opportunities that are around us. It may not be easy nor the way forward be clockwork, but there is a way forward and in devising whom we are or establishing ourselves on a new level is a process of both re-discovery and elevation so it's of great importance to ourselves that we push at all cost towards where we feel we need to be even if the final destination is not that clear. The road to moving forward brings into view so much more information that we would have never ever dreamed of and highlights to us what we have been missing all along. Like water we have to find our own level that process can be relatively simple or complex, but we know when we reach the quench state and thus it's imperative that we enjoy the ride as it can bring so much joy and purpose to our ultimate place of peace within.

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