Friday, 23 December 2011


Whether you like them or not you've seen snippets or heard about the soap TV programmes that adorn television. Those designer lead characters carefully honed to bring out peculiarities, stupidity, ignorance, deceit, and all the rest. If they didn't then life would be going on swimmingly happily and there wouldn't be a story nor an endless line up of plots and how the brain dead cope with everything in an hysterical fashion. A daily argument or two, a falling out, being overly nosey, facing a crisis, usual stuff and yes it captures those that follow like lemmings every word of it. Of course the producers get "real life" topics and intertwine them with the characters on the pretext that it's exposing the subject or placing it in the wider audience, maybe, who knows when it comes to media they live in another world. But far more importantly because you pay for what you see on TV one way or another, is this what your life is like, is it how it pans out and how it meets your expectations and satisfaction rating, because this storyboard is one where you are the producer, director and actor / actress, and there is no script, it's live 24/7. Where life throws at you a subject that predominantly has only "one take", no prompting, no make up, no brought in props and often there are not any chances for a second attempt that's it, it's a wrap good or bad first go around. What you do say or enact is as it is as it can't be undone. The time line of life itself has moved on and whether it's financial, emotional, relationship, health, family, employment, that's it in a nut shell.

We all have different characters, attitudes, knowledge levels and ideas, as well as aptitudes and abilities, life isn't a straight line nor does it have the word "fairness" encrypted into it, fairness doesn't exist naturally its what man has himself interposed it into certain events on a humanity basis. The melding of cultures is another area that causes endless consternation as some cultures are rough, brusk, cold, sharp, narrow, staid, etc, whilst others are more effusive warmer and more outgoing, often like two tides meeting it causes swirling rifts and areas of gross instability. Our cause and our pathway are dictated by a number of parameters, some we emanate from some we create and some are as they are and we deal with them en-route in life or not which then has other implications. There is nothing stopping anyone from any walk of life making the grade, our biggest obstacle is our self, nothing more, if we don't we don't, if we do we do, what others say and do is for them to verbalise but we don't have to acquiesce to any of it, there are always ways and means of transcending 'invisible ceilings'.

Enjoying life is obviously very important, because if we don't we are predominantly wasting our time here on earth. Whether we are useful members of society or a drain on society will depend also on a number of factors but at the same time determine what we do and how and the rest is back to how we as individuals perceive life and live and enjoy it. Our relationship is vital with life, our environment, those around us - work and personal colleagues, our future, what we aspire to, our enjoyment levels, what we do, and if any particular area is out of kilter then we start to get a lopsided slant of life one which if not rectified will eventually lead us to either dread it or it to have a predominantly negative side to our acceptance and enjoyment of life and our mind creativity. Attitude is one of the most important areas of how we perceive life as that is the culmination of a multitude of thought processes that identify themselves outwardly and guide us in the stable and good side of life or become depressive, it's often that fine a line.

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