Thursday, 22 December 2011


Ever felt that there was either an invisible barrier or just that certain something that's either holding you back or stopping you getting to where you need to be? If you could only get to that 'one person' and let them see you or tell them about your great plans life would all fall into place. Or perhaps that that 'lucky break' would just appear one day and then everything else would be history. Isn't it just so frustrating that for many they are just so close to fame, fortune, success, whatever it is that one wants. Or that one envies that pop star who has 500 pairs of designer shoes stacked away, or someone else has your favourite sports car. The list of course is endless what we would like and what we want and what we need can be as varied as 'chalk and cheese' and often those that are wracked with desire if it came true despite what they say would still not be happy because their inner character has yet to be developed and as such is forever out of alignment. Many, especially young people who make the grade at an early age end up either in a clinic or seeing a shrink because they lose the plot and some never recover as it destabilises them permanently, happiness being a fleeting hope with bouts of depression in between.

To achieve anything the thought behind it has to be more than a whim it has to be a desire that one lives with, it has to almost consume you as a person and one has to dissociate oneself from those around with regards mentioning it to them as they predominantly won't have a clue nor an understanding and thus forever be negative towards the subject matter and yourself. That's the big difference between leaders and followers, and today's breed of "armchair experts" who do nothing for anyone ever, especially those on television, experts of hindsight nothing more. But barriers also exist as we all know outside of our minds, those "gatekeepers" in society that add nothing of value and have inflated thoughts about their job role. Gatekeepers exist as secretaries, employment / recruitment consultant in large chains, Human Resources and dull executive board members that seek to find "all round" personnel often at the expense of recruiting "uninspired people" as opposed to those that can literally 'break barriers and more' in their chosen field of expertise. It even happens at lower levels as Church helpers and especially in Charities where self proclaimed bureaucracy is always very high and jealously guarded.

We have the opportunity almost every day to make a difference even the simplest of tasks and duties can be enhanced or altered, yet lethargy, tiredness, lack of will power, lack of motivation even being over weight and clumsy and just generally not being in the mood all fall into place as to 'the self' not being in the right mind set which can for many be almost a permanent fixture. The only exceptions being those of a 'fun' nature then one seems to snap out of such a mood or mind frame. Breaking barriers needs to be something of a determined effort from within, it's not ego, nor is it arrogance, it's ones personal desire to get done what is within regardless of the effort needed and the obstacles encountered. However, those that do make the grade and succeed do so through sheer diligence and taste the fruits of their labours which are just so sweet after the protracted journey with many 'knock backs and disappointments' en route. Breaking barriers overcomes those who sit on the sidelines scorning, or in companies being over ruled all this goes with the territory, but the end result is an accumulated knowledge and understanding of the officious narrow minded minions in society that whilst they possibly do a good job allow their own ego's and ignorance to be a part of it and thus ruin whatever they could have made for themselves and others in life.

Wherever you want to go there are pathways and routes, they are not pre-determined on a "sat-nav" device but are there never the less for everyone who has the ability and determination to go forward and walk their chosen pathway. Our routes are dictated to often by events, some not so pleasant but we take them, others by our own abilities and at times financial constraints, never the less we take them also, smile happily that we are following our pathway and like salmon often swim against the tide yet still make it to the final ground. Breaking the barriers exists at all levels from hobbies to business to sports to whatever it is for you that's important. Whatever you do you must do for yourselves because if you can't do it for yourself you can't do it for others as they more likely than not can't even help you or concur with your line of thought or desire.

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