Monday, 12 December 2011


There seems to be a "quest" for everything today that both the media and everyone around are looking for that "next" move, something to elevate themselves, enhance their lives, seek what they 'think' they are missing, not content with their lot they think that out there are answers to the universe, life, happiness, contentment, and whatever else is on their check list. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, even though there are aspects of life and possible solutions to what you seek, at the end of the day no matter what you find or have its you who has to make life what it is. We live in our minds no where else so its imperative that we are stable and know who we are as individuals because if we don't the chances are we will "lose the plot" which so many are doing today. Instability is almost becoming an illness of epidemic proportions in that it's self created as you can't catch it from anyone nor pick it up as a seasonal bug nor anything else, it's what you have generated and created yourself through lack of your own ability to understand yourself. There's a great deal of "blame culture" substance going on whereby people blame their peers, the media, magazines, television and everything else for the pressures put on them, but there are no pressures whatsoever. If there is a pressure it's because you have created it nothing more. If you feel left out then you will be, if you feel disadvantaged then you will be, if you are overweight then you are, if you can't sing or dance then you can't sing or dance and so it goes on. Some things we can change like our weight, even though it's not as easy for some as others, but it can be done, if we can't sing or have two left feet then we have to move on, that's it in a nut shell.

Placing the word "if" as a conduit to better things on our wish list is only going to negate the present, and many people go through life almost permanently negating the present in the quest for possibilities of tomorrow. Often such things are literally 'pie in the sky' as the chances of them happening are so remote that it makes life empty and shallow and dull and lacklustre. Anything in life that's going to present itself to us as a better option other than purely by chance needs a deed of action by ourselves, not just a thought about it. Even winning the Lottery needs us to physically buy a ticket. If we don't put any action whatsoever into our potential or what we think about then it's all wasted mental energy and takes up a lot of space that could be put to better use, especially in areas that we can effect a change and areas that are within our grasp. There are two ideals within our mind the idealistic ideal, the one that's everything we could possibly want or have based upon our limited knowledge hence it's always a let down, and a real potential that takes only a little effort to increase greatly our life and would at the same time enhance it to give it better meaning and purpose.

The phrase "the other man's grass is always greener" is so true, looking at other people go through problems or at times some don't appear to have any places us in a quasi position that we are unique in where we stand.  We feel it's "OK for everyone else they can cope, but in our / my case it's different or worse" which is the biggest load of thoughtless, selfish and conceited rubbish around. It's not OK for anyone to have a problem regardless of their circumstances or feelings, and feeling sorry for ourselves and not finding a comfortable way out of what we have to do, isn't going to help us at all, we just have to do what everyone else has had to do and go through with it. If what you have to do relates to family and friends then if they love and care for you they will understand and continue doing so, if they don't then you move on, although that's another situation it's better than living in a cocooned lie and gives you a freedom that you've never had. However if they do scorn you for what you are going through then you have been a part of the problem all along, nothing just happens without cause.

It's always good to want to raise the bar or level of life, there's nothing wrong with wanting more or being better either, after all it's how we progress via that line of thought. It's when it becomes so personal that wants and desires become emotional concepts that we "need or think we need" in order for us to be considered "complete" and that's when it takes on a life of its own. The here and now is where we literally live and it's so important that we enjoy it at all costs even if it's not that great where we are now because that will shape our thoughts and feelings for tomorrow. If we carry negativity with us dragging it from today into tomorrow and beyond, we become nothing to ourselves and less to others.

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