Friday 2 December 2011


It's all the rage, it's hip, it's what everyone needs, it gets you going, it makes you a success overnight, it provides that proverbial kick up the behind, it stimulates, you become better in an instant, you are transformed in flash, you enter being dull and leave being gregarious, you walk in full of potential and anticipation and leave on the first rungs of being a multi-millionaire, it takes your reticence and changes it into that of a roaring lion, in short it's a whole load of crap. Yes we all need help in some areas of our lives, entrepreneurs already have it within them, they are predominately self motivating, then there are those that are teetering on the verge of doing something and just want a push, like a little child learning to ride a two wheeled bike. Then there are those, the vast majority of punters who aspire but haven't got the where-with-all to do it. Oh yes they get inspired alright, they get excited they get overwhelmed, they get whatever it is that they don't have themselves, but over 98% still never achieve or do anything further as they haven't got it either within them or their desire is ahead of their ability. It's at this point it all falls down with a large crash and frayed bits falling everywhere. There are even those who go to such speeches every year for a "top up" or perhaps their annual fix, but that speaks volumes about them more than what they aspire to. It's not that those who preach their trade are not worthy, it's more that those who attend seemingly think that by some miracle it's a short cut to where they think they need to be, and as we all know that stuff doesn't exist.

It's good to be motivated, it's even better to be inspired, because the difference between both of these makes a big difference in how one assesses what ones ability is and what one can literally and "truthfully" do. Many of the success stories start from "have a go" models, people doing things in their homes via the self employment route even if it's initially started at weekends only. They learn as they go along often the hard way, but learn fast they do, sleepless restless nights, frustrations, bad advice, mistakes, despondency, strapped for cash, the loneliness, yet the burning fire within just won't go out, it's their forever flickering and re-kindling itself despite going without to fund their project. In fact you name it they've done it, experienced it, been through it, and eventually even having endured a few false starts and failures (and stupid and thoughtlessness negative comments from friends and families) and like the Phoenix from the ashes they emerge, quietly at first but joyful that their project has 'lift off', and what a feeling that is!!! What they have achieved is of no thanks to smart smooth talking, it's of no thanks to well dressed presenters gushing forth with contrived conversational blurb, it's down to the real bottom line that's more than just a night out or an afternoon session at a talk on motivation. Motivation is best spawned within companies where their own management are lacking in such skills or the companies ethic is lacking in humanitarian reality, usually because it's financially lead which has a tendency to eliminate "worker ownership" which is literally what builds up the bottom line and enhances product or service success.

If we are inspired by what others or someone else has done it gives us hope that we too could do the same as we can relate to what difficulties and feelings the other party had to go through to get where they were, it's a humanitarian element which all of us understand. Here's where motivation is different in that it's often that proverbial "carrot and donkey" situation, and of course the donkey never ever gets the carrot. Life can be an emotional roller coaster for many people even those satisfied with life, it's all about how we deal with our lives and how 'together' we are. The best advice often falls on stony ground because it's not soluble to those receiving it, there is no such thing as "a one size fits all" and many is the time someone who is of very limited intelligence becomes successful because they are good at what they do, nothing more, so a partnership of services and facilities enters the affray to make it all come together. This is again usually by chance more than design, and those that "teach or preach" such things miss out terribly on the emotional side of the recipient who is "TRYING" to do their best and inside is one mass of knots and twists, even though they don't let on. They always smile even when holding back the anguish and even inner emptiness. You can see very often on someones face just five minutes from listening to "wise words" from those that peddle motivation that it's a waste of time,  the recipient is desperate for knowledge and here's where inspiration comes into its own in that everything along the route from where you are or were to where you want to go can be felt within, and upliftment ensues.

Motivation at times is like a Gin and Tonic without the gin, it's bright and refreshing and bubbly but lacks punch, that's the bit of real knowledge that turns motivation into a product, and it's this end part that the vast majority of people fail because of. They "just don't know" and if they do know they don't know how to employ it, and if they know how to employ it they don't understand the marketing, and if they understand the marketing then there's always yet another avenue that they fall down on because their minds are too fragmented with hope and not desire. And there are so many punters out there posing as experts in getting you rich but haven't yet made it themselves. Inspiration changes ones mental balance, it removes the perceived barriers and quickly outlines what it is like to "overcome" difficulties from a position of ignorance, almost a cold start, yet to be inspired gives a credential within that really excites those (and only those) who have stolid determination, it still leaves the wishful thinkers saying "wow" but no more. Inspiration leads to routes forward, motivation gets you all excited and fired up and then it just goes cold again because the impetus isn't there, at least not for the vast majority. Large and small companies alike employ motivational speakers to get the staff all fired up, which they do, but then they let everyone down by not changing themselves, it just ends up as another tick in HR box of things for staff to do.

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