Tuesday 6 December 2011


Our life dynamic is a very variable thing and the scope and understanding of it varies from country to country no matter how well aligned they are. Even the smallest of differences make it as such that the lines of thought in certain areas can cause  disagreements, misunderstandings, frustrations, ethical problems, enhanced bureaucracy at times, and it even filters down to the populous where in some instances slowness and laziness is endemic like in Africa and the Middle East. Attitudes lead the way forward, if the general attitude of people is bright and ebullient and cheerful, then those that come into contact with it almost automatically feel enlightened and uplifted with a feeling of potential success even before anything has been said or done. Such is the effectiveness in companies and even in personal situations of brightness and lightness in our demeanour. Less mistakes are made and less untoward events take place where a degree of openness and positive communications are in evidence, it's almost infectious. The knock on effect of high positivity is everyone taking ownership of what they do and an interest and understanding of what everyone else does giving rise to overall greater productivity, enhanced bottom line results and less disappointment when things go wrong - the "bounce back" factor is increased dramatically.

Some countries have eternal unrest such as in the Middle East where attitudes have been so moulded on negativity and oppression that the effect is as big as the problem itself and it will take decades to unravel often with on-going bloody consequences such is the stigma of instability. Most workers being "guest" workers and not the endemic population. Attitudes stem from the top down, they should be inherently instilled from parents to children that positivity is the only way forward. Sadly that's just a hypothetical model that social workers or governments use and not a reality because some members of society have no morals, no values and don't care either, so it's imperative that those that do care and have positive understanding and abilities do offload their knowledge to best effect. There's no getting away from it, where a high degree of positivity reigns there is less crime, more genuine happiness, more communal spirit and a freedom that allows people to create as opposed to degenerate as it's a natural instinct from within. Our life dynamic controls so much, it's a major player in our mental stability and if our mind goes so do we, in every respect. Clarity of thought, understanding and not living with illusions of grandeur are paramount to us being the best we can be, and when we are closer to that goal, even if we never fully attain it we literally radiate degrees of positivity because we can see beyond the negative, always having one foot in the bigger picture so not as to get bogged down in the bits and pieces that get dragged across our pathway and would otherwise cause us to stumble.

Our Life Dynamics stretch over many areas, there's our own personal dynamic that's all about us, it's in effect "our shop window" and then there's that dynamic about where and how we live and what we do within it, most of the parameters are out of our control but we are not out of our own control so there is a constancy should we use it within all of that. Then there is the actual dynamic of life itself, world events, natural disasters, man made disasters, on-going Islamic terrorism from the religion of Love and Peace, and there is the commercial dynamic too one that's becoming increasingly unstable and losing its credentials from large and small companies alike, all have consequences both financially and personally. Our lives are finite, so it's imperative that we enjoy the moment for if we don't then we have lost our purpose and definition. Once we lose both of those areas we become soulless people in that a robotic structure takes over our heart, where our love lies, without love we are but drones and our whole enjoyment in life is a technicality nothing more. The constant fight that many people have again predominantly in the Middle East at the moment to fight for freedom that turns out to be a cause where freedom is anything but the truth is unfortunately a struggle on the dark side of life and one which the majority will forever suffer from. For the rest where innovation and life betterment is beyond hypothetical struggles for ideology over all else, time will reflect a degree of change that the world over will experience. One which will in time bring everyone into check and the Life Dynamic will change beyond what is currently understood and currently enjoyed.

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