Wednesday 21 December 2011


The Gospel of today is one glorified mish-mash of insignificant people, governments, organisations and people who profess to be bastions of society, like the politically correct imbeciles who in the end are of no worth to anyone, not even themselves as usually their own lives are a shambles. Those in the "self help" industries  predominantly have very chequered lives with regards relationships and because of that often 'feed' off of their clients negativity to make themselves feel useful and important and above all needed. Many have a tremendous lack in the 'being needed' stakes themselves and they often display states of insecurity and instability. It's not that some practitioners aren't great people and have a 'natural' aptitude for what they do, most unfortunately are only as good as the last book they have read and then it's questionable having no inherent feel or understanding, executing their life trade by going through a check list. But what of everyday folk and what have they to fall back upon or find reference to upon which to base their premise in life and evolve further still. Most people need to have something as a common ground otherwise they feel lost, it's just the way it is. Very few people have the self ability to see life from their own perspective and adjust it according to their life style and desires without being subliminally pushed and jostled by others thoughts or indeed the hapless and deceitful media.

Religions don't help either they are so wrapped up in their own version of "hell and damnation" and everyone sinning that they have lost the plot themselves. There is very little love and almost all else is pure judgemental and effusive banter and scorning, it's all self pomp and righteousness. Most of the scriptural content is wrapped up in traditions and self made protocols and dressing up and rules and routines and anything other than getting to grips with humanity and individuals needs. Most congregations are full of regulars who peddle the same dull stories hoping for divine intervention, miracles, blessings, conduits to God, and all the other selfishness that their own baggage comes with. And of course the laughable things is that there are currently some 25,000 registered religions and everyone thinks they are "the one" whereas most are but a joke, others are dark and sinister and revert to killing in the name of their God and are also the biggest losers on the planet residing in the worlds worse areas, and so the story continues. If God can in all scriptures accept sinners - regardless of what they have done, why can't the religious organisations too? What is the big deal, and why do preachers see themselves as God's representatives whereas they are His servants. Many of those that preach especially in Eastern countries are embroiled in pederasty and in other world areas child abuse and drugs. The credentials for religious organisations today is almost defunct, the leaders are limpwristed and without merit having no leadership qualities and just relying on past followers and hereditary congregations to follow blindly, all of which leads to hells gates and nowhere else. And whilst there needs to be an income to keep their coffers in a positive mode there is a lot of fraud involved because it can be done by many behind the scenes.

Our own Gospel is between us and God, it's NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS, not the church or mosque or synagogue nor that of the state or your family, whatever happens is for your benefit or not as is the case for the majority of people. And if we don't believe that's fine too life is full of choices, even if you make the wrong ones, it's your destination via the route you take no matter what reason or belief or pathway you take. Your daily life is down to you also, if you believe then you will have a defined attitude towards life which will be in most cases positive, otherwise you will be a hypocrite, which is what most people are, they turn religion on and off to suite themselves. Our daily experience, that is how we live from day to day is crucial for if it provides no nourishment in the form of mental and spiritual appeasement and understanding and comfort then we are going to end up as a bag of nerves and be at a loss as to what our lives are all about. If we can't live in our own skin and be comfortable then we will degenerate even if our lives are relatively good, it's our approach to life and our attitude that will make or beak us. Life is full of good things which we can often miss or look over because we are not receptive to them. Life has endless permutations that can enhance who we are and where we are, should we take the time to acknowledge them, everything boils down to us in life so we must get to grips with ourselves and allow the good and great which is there and we deserve it to be in our lives.

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