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There are lots of things in life we strive for or have desires or ambitions to have at some point, quite often these get modified as time goes by usually for the better as we become more knowledgeable and informed as to how our plans would better pan out and how in reality they would interact with life better than our previously stilted view, even if it was a reasonably good view. The worse thing we can do is be mono minded, as that has the ability to thwart opportunities that could present themselves to us that we had not even thought of or have known about. Being focused towards our goal is one thing but being mono-minded is another. If we are to succeed at anything we have to have that desire within us, it has to be better than a sheer want or a long term whim that we try to enact out. Our lives are our concern after all our brain is ours and no one has access to it or can infiltrate it unless we allow that to happen, which many subliminally do at their peril and then suffer from a whole range of medical conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other psychosomatic problems that manifest themselves because we 'let go' and then anything can and often does happen. Of course we get hick ups in life which at times throw us off course but they are just blips in the grand order of things, we regain our composure quickly and off we go again. We grow and develop rapidly in such times even though they are not pleasant at all but after a short period they are but memories confined to the past and we enjoy what's ahead and where we are going even if we can't see the destination the ride is often very palatable and in some cases even better than arriving. For most people it's the ride or journey that is what they will live out as once the destination has been reached a whole new ball game arises that is not always as one would have wished, not that it's bad by any means but it does need a great deal of mental adjustment in areas one would have never thought about.

Everyone at times in their lives needs some kind of emotional support or at least comforting words that what you are doing or where you are going is in line with your own thoughts even if they come from the most unlikely sources. It's often unlikely sources that people pick up upon what others are doing not necessarily in detail but the gist of it all and say with honest truth their overall feelings, sometimes not even knowing themselves why they have said it all. The simplicity and complexity of life and how we see life and others see our lives can be strangely weird yet incredibly accurate. Those that perpetually seek guidance and positive feedback often don't make the grade  because the positive feedback is for them a deed of completion in the future so they lack the ability to stay the course and thus fall by the wayside like many others with such thoughts. The problem with our future is that none of us knows exactly what is going to happen even if we feel we have an inkling as to where we want to go. There are those who kid themselves, those that are arrogantly looking towards their self created imagination, there are those who see what they want to see (like politicians do), and there are those who see potential and opportunity and allow the greatness of life of steer their course until it allows all of what they seek to come to a degree of fruition, the rest being what you make of it yourself.

Everyone has an opportunity, what you make of it or what you deem is expedient to take up is a matter for the self, but it does exist. Opportunities often avail themselves cloaked in a manner that doesn't suite us, but it never the less has some degree of merit. It's this acquiescing to opportunity that those that seek it and take it are almost catapulted to a level above and beyond those waiting for "the right moment" which often spans years and in the process they lose their ability and stance as to being as proficient and like everything time lines have their own conclusions. We have but one chance in life, it's up to us to decide whether to take a chance or stick where we are and be readily happy with that choice. Happiness is crucial to our lives for without it we start to live a hollow existence. Goals are one thing but not at the mercy of anger, greed, stupidity and hurt, after all what we sow we will reap eventually in one way or another.

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